By nonymous human subject - 14/11/2015 20:02 - United States - Palo Alto

Today, I got to my human anatomy class with a hickey on my neck. Since I sit in the front row, my professor noticed and decided to call me to the front. He then started talking about ruptured blood vessels and hickeys, all while as I served as the subject. FML
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Could have been worse... You could have had a raging boner.

At least you learned something.


At least you learned something.

chrisbeaudoin 26

Anyone else notice how there are two fmls about hickeys today? Interesting...

#66 it honestly took me a moment to remember the context and I thought you were talking about country hicks, not hickeys. Anyways, I do think that's a bit odd, maybe FML is feeling a bit intimate today...

Could have been worse... You could have had a raging boner.

How on earth could that be bad, advertisement LOL

#25 Unless there is nothing to advertise...

ShirtlessWonder 17

#25 Regardless of size, it's usually really embarrassing and awkward to have people see that you have a boner.

Or herpes

Most likely it would subside after the embarrassment of being called up for it.

I feel like your professor could get in trouble for that. It's pretty demeaning and inappropriate.

JustinJK 21

Waaaaahhh. grow up. OP is in college. They're an adult. They made the decision to partake in the acts of getting a hickey in a noticeable area.

If this is college, not so bad. If it's High School I'd say it's not appropriate.

everyone knows that op gets mad pussy..oh no!

It depends on how the professor went about it in my opinion. It seems to me that their decision to do so was to embarrass/Shame op in class. That's not okay.

schreibergx93 19

Professors don't get in trouble for things such as that. 1. Was it educational? Yes. 2. Was there proper demonstration and example? Yes. That's all that matters for it.

schreibergx93 19

Or dick.

ShirtlessWonder 17

#24 professor means college. You don't have professors for high school, at least not in the US.

That's not true I have two professors I'm a high school student in the USA. Jttc classes are taught by college professors so yea if your in dual enrollment they are professors not teachers

wow wish I had such cunningly attentive professor :D

princeewan 4

wonderfull, i suggest you always sit on the front row, you must appear in the teacher sight that he might again call you to the front that will really make you more confident and intrested in study, i am also medical student this is my 4th year, i would appreciate if you be my friend..

Steady there sailor. Steady...

Your professor is no doubt an asshole...but did you have to sit in the front?

man that's pure humiliation. ur professor's such a ****. bad decision to sit in the front row.

Brokeandsad 8

This is hilarious. While he definitely sucks for that, you can't really blame him. Everyone knows hickeys are extremely unprofessional and reflect poorly

You should complain to the dean if you're in college or the principal if you go to school. That's incredibly unfair that you were targeted like that. Your professor humiliated you when he had no right. It was very unprofessional on his part as well.

most likely op is on college. and if he didn't want people to see, he should have gotten it somewhere else.

I agree it's not a huge deal (unless this teacher makes a habit of targeting OP) but I can't really agree with the "if OP didn't want the teacher to call on them without prior notice and point something out that is none of their business and, while interesting, completely unnecessary in order to teach the subject matter, then they should just change the way they make out with their SO in the privacy of their own home" either. I mean, that would be like having a teacher call out someone with acne to the front of the class and point it out to everyone how pimples have to do with WBC and whatnot, and then tell the embarrassed student "well then, why did you go out in public without makeup if you didn't want someone to point it out in front of a large group of people?"

He had every right. It's college, not high school.

that must have SUCKED

tangerine06 20

Just like your pun