By MommaAnnie - / Thursday 2 May 2013 15:59 / United States - Overland Park
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An this is an fml why??? I don't even know how to vote, door no 1: saying your life sucks would mean sex that cheers you up is a bad thing.. Lock that shit and throw the key away Door no 2: you deserve it, that means would mean u deserve sex that cheers but ur ass I here whining about it.. You don't deserve grumpy wife sex.. And yet you probably got some coz you were grumpy about this.. *sigh*


I agree, it seems like she's going to need more sex if she's grumpy about the grumpy wife sex. I would be happy if my husband wanted to still bang me if I was being bitchy in order to cheer me up. What a lucky duck OP is!

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