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By  chyiochan  |  28

Yeesh OP. I'm sorry, that's one of the most awful things to ever be told. Try out some counseling together, especially if you weren't feeling too great yourself. Work out why he feels this way, or heck, talk it out at home together first.

On the other hand, (again, not that he should have said what he said) are you depressed? Do you constantly talk about the bad things in life, always talking negative and sadly? I've had friends who started only talking to me negatively and it reeeally puts a damper on my mood. For someone who lives with you and has to also lives with how you react to events you talk about, I can see exactly where he's coming from. Again, maybe counseling for you or both of you.

Could also be other reasons, maybe you're too happy and he's depressed about something? It's a 1 sentence FML, I don't know too much about your situation.