By Anonymous - 02/05/2013 16:49 - United States

Today, my sister texted me, saying she was about to go into surgery. It's been a long time coming, and we've both been worried about what could happen. I texted "good luck" back. My phone autocorrected it to "goodbye" and I didn't even notice. FML
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Clumsy thumbsy. Hate auto correct.

Sizzle down there, teapot.


Clumsy thumbsy. Hate auto correct.

That's why I have auto correct off. It's annoying how wrong it is sometimes. Oh and, the Ellen show. :D

Auto correct is pretty useful in my opinion. Though it does likes to screw with you every so often. If you reread texts before you send them it definitely makes a difference.

I agree. Autocorrect can be a pain at times. I was discussing Pokemon with a friend once and instead of "suicune is so cool!", my autocorrect said "suicide is so cool!". A bit awkward...

All you were going to say was "good luck"? Don't you think "I love you" or "Don't worry" would be a little more appropriate since you both have been stressed about it?

Sizzle down there, teapot.

My mom doesnt stay with us at the hospital when we get major stuff going on. why? she cant handle it or saying i love you and stuff like that because it scares her. have a situation like that happen and then decide how youd react remember humans act differently in different situation

Usually that's when you correct yourself.

OP said they didn't notice.

It was a pun. The best part is how the next comment is an "I see what you did there" face.

Yeah, now he/she does. So he/she should correct her/himself.

I'm sure you will be able to explain this to her WHEN she gets out of surgery. (Always have confidence) Good luck!

You mean "goodbye"

Yeah she was probably sedated out of her mind by then. Or at least had her phone taken away from her... You aren't allowed to bring those things into pre-op holding. I would know.

Well, at least if she doesn't make it, you'll have said goodbye. I mean... right? Look on the bright side, the very very very slim piercing bit of a bright side.

That's a very morbid way of thinking #8.

Or you get a surprise visit from the cops as you are now the prime suspect in your sisters death because of the text you sent her right before her operation.

#23, I think you over thought that lol. And no, it's not a good Idea to say goodbye. I'm pretty sure she would love to say more than "goodbye" to her sister.

23, I doubt the cops would think her sister did anything during surgery, you know, because OP isn't a surgeon.

Just explain the mistake to her. And I hope she made it through surgery just fine!

Thats a moment when your just like "Fuck..."

**you're Sorry, I had to.

why are thier so many grammar natzis who kares if we spel or use incorect gramar

My english teacher and bosses.

Why? Because your horrible spelling and grammar can be painful to read. There's nothing wrong with being corrected when wrong.

I'm sure you two will laugh about it somewhere down the line as she plots her revenge like sisters do :)

I'm sure she understood. As stressful as surgery is, something like that beforehand would make me laugh... Maybe that's just me though.