By Indigo_Kitten - United States
  Today, my husband discovered that whispering anything in my ear will turn me on. He turned to me and whispered 'cheeseburger' in my ear. Unfortunately, I moaned. Now he now laughs about it with our roommate. FML
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  White_Fury  |  0

Your husband is lucky that it takes no work
to turn you on. Did you always get horny when you were younger and friends whispered to you their secrets? lolcopter!


112: Why is that weird? It's not like they share a bedroom. Having housemates can be a financially wise decision; they can help pay the mortgage, or the rent so you can save for a mortgage. It works as long as everyone understands and respects boundaries. Separate bathrooms help too. ;)

  Lisa89  |  3

The point is she gets turned on by him wispering ANYTHING. It doesn't have to be food related duuh.
He would have said 'holocaust' and she would have still moaned

By  eggjuggler  |  0

Relax... it's a bad economy, plenty of people have roommates. You save money where you can. Maybe they're young newlyweds? Maybe their roomie is a close friend that needed a place to live? Or maybe they're just laid back enough to do what makes sense to get by.