By Indigo_Kitten - 08/08/2010 01:05 - United States

Today, my husband discovered that whispering anything in my ear will turn me on. He turned to me and whispered 'cheeseburger' in my ear. Unfortunately, I moaned. Now he now laughs about it with our roommate. FML
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well...does food just make you horny?? because he should whisper "treadmill" in your ear -_-

Hahah next thing you'll know he'll whisper "would you like fries with that?" ;]

5, you are my idol now! :D Honey.... Boooobies. *moans*

I would moan over cheeseburger, too. But if you moan over something such as 'toilet brush,' you're sick!

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ydi for not being able to afford a place of your own.

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Your husband is lucky that it takes no work to turn you on. Did you always get horny when you were younger and friends whispered to you their secrets? lolcopter!

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well you know, i get turned on when i see cheeseburgers, just the thought of it brings weird sensations to me, so i dont blame you ;)

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sweet and sour sauce all over my body. and the pickles. and the PICKLES!!!!!

lmao. Gross. Ronald McDonald visited my store and he's creepy enough. Let alone if he's whispering. (Yes, I work at the horrid place known as mcdonalds)

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y r u living with someone and married? that's strange...


hahaha FML , not about the fact people are laughing at you , the fact that I could say ; silly unicorns in your ear & you'd get turned on , lmaooo.

#12 I actually know someone in that position. I don't know why everyone is freaking out.

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#5 pretty & smart. that's hot. :)

ydi for turning on cause of food, no offense to fat ppl

You totally fell for that, awesome :D

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when does telling someone they should have someone else whisper "treadmill" in their ear make a person smart?

123 it's "I can haz cheezburgur?" not "can I haz cheezburgur" GOSH

112: Why is that weird? It's not like they share a bedroom. Having housemates can be a financially wise decision; they can help pay the mortgage, or the rent so you can save for a mortgage. It works as long as everyone understands and respects boundaries. Separate bathrooms help too. ;)

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(whispers in ear) wrinkly penis.........

I don't think it's cheeseburgers that necessarilly turn her on. Some people just like it when their sig. other whispers in their ear. No biggie

him: blue waffle. you: oooooooooohhhhhhh yaaaaaa

ok #100 quoting Dane Cook is funny, but it's sweet and sour sauce on my p*ssy (not body) Remember your coups to get into the BK Lounge

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lol thats exactly what I was thinking. damn you dane cook

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everyday? I thought it happened today...

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that's what I was about to say. OP it's ok if u get turned on by cheeseburgers. what's not ok is that ur married and u got a roommate

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that's a bit awkward no? being turned on by the mention of food...hate to see what happens when you come face to face with a cheeseburger x]

It was the fact that he whispered in her ear that turned her on. He could have said anything, which is what OP was saying. She's got the ear curse.

The point is she gets turned on by him wispering ANYTHING. It doesn't have to be food related duuh. He would have said 'holocaust' and she would have still moaned

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Oh God, wouldn't wanna see the outcome of that one.

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Relax... it's a bad economy, plenty of people have roommates. You save money where you can. Maybe they're young newlyweds? Maybe their roomie is a close friend that needed a place to live? Or maybe they're just laid back enough to do what makes sense to get by.

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I wonder wat wud happen if u listened to the whisper song

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Especially if she had headphones on.

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^^^^CREEPER ALERT! Somebody call Chris Hansen.

I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC. We are doing a special on computer predators. Why don't you take a seat on that stool over there?

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.....I don't talk to guys I don't know 0.0

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is it just me or does Chris Hansen look a bit like a predator as well... just saying

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super girl I'm gona grape u in the mouth