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Today, I noticed my husband was acting moody, and I asked him what was wrong. He replied that he didn't know, so trying to lighten the mood, I facetiously said, "It's 'cause you're stuck with me, isn't it?" He nodded, trundled off, and hasn't shown his face since. FML
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jaylaufers 13

Looks like its time for marriage counseling. Good luck.


jaylaufers 13

Looks like its time for marriage counseling. Good luck.

CharresBarkrey 15

Really, 22? Marriage counseling is good for any couple, problems or not. It helps keep the communication open.

StalkerChick 13

22 is one of those people that think "Dump him!" is the solution to every relationship problem.

No hahaha. I just think a sideways comment isn't enough to go to marriage counseling for!

unknown_user5566 26

64- What about an upside down comment? Is that enough to go to counseling?

I doubt it was just a "side ways" comment. His mood and actions show other wise. If it was a joke or sarcasm he wouldn't be hiding from her or slumping around. You should think some more before throwing ill thought insults around.

Wow 75, that's a bit harsh! There's nothing wrong with getting help if you need it.

75 it doesn't sound like he's ready to talk to her about it.

Yeah because who needs Romeo and Juliet when you got Shrek and Fiona?

Yes. Every time there's something wrong with a marriage, it's because the female "looks like Shrek." You're a marital counseling savior.

You're probably fine, OP. He probably wasn't checked into the conversation.

Like the woman's diary/ mans diary: hers: "he's so distant, I asked if he loved me, he barely looked at me and kept driving...."etc. His: "dear diary, motorcycle won't start, can't figure out why"

AllThingsBright_ 11

Psh, don't worry OP. it was probably his time of the month!

That's probably the first thing that came to your mind cause you had a feeling that was it... I'm sure you're not too shocked.

You remind me of those female Mitt Romney supporters, judging by your comments.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

You must not know what facetiously means... Or you must have had a similar, shitty experience.

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I'm sure she would want to do that right after that happened.

Seriously. Suggestion seconded. Either that or that super sex that leaves you unable to walk.

Pro-tip for men everywhere: if you upset us (intentionally or not), we do not want to have sex with you.

I think that if anyone is upset that they don't really want sex. Just a few virgins saying it would help doesn't mean it would.

Eddie209 3

Wait #33 you're 16....nvm I forgot its normal for your generation to have gone that far already...

49, wouldn't you be of the same generation as 33?

49 It's legal for me to have sex where I am. If I'm in a committed relationship and use protection I don't see the problem. But to reply to the 3 no, no ******* in that situation. Sex is not normally the solution to ever problem a couple may have.

49, where in her comment did she say she was having sex? Whether or not she is having sex is unimportant right how, because your comment was just uncalled for. I agree whole-heartedly with her. Just because some sex-crazed men think sex will solve any and all problems doesn't make it true. If my fiancé is upset, I sit with him and talk, not pull off his pants.

I love how you're all taking my comment so seriously lol.

I'm a virgin, but if someone pissed me off I obviously wouldn't want to have sex with them! Sex isn't an answer to life's problems, as much as some people make it out to be.

eric40962005 8

There's this little thing called make up sex end of conversation

Actually it is. Wait until you actually have a sexlife.

Yes. I can't wait to solve all my problems by shoving a 6-inch rod into my ******.

Sometimes the truth hurts worse than anything, but at least you know now! Sorry that happened, OP!

4everblackjack 10

Oh maknae Taemin! I'm seeing more kpop on the FML site. ^-^ I'm thinking that's not the real reason he might have wanted some space? Patience and communication can go a long way OP, don't take what he said seriously :)

Yay kpop fans! ^^ Anyways~ The way I took it, what if the feeling lingered, and then it hurt worse later?

MeLuvBewbs 7

You kinda got yourself into that. Sorry OP

Yes, obviously! She got herself into being shut down by her husband by trying to make a joke to ease some tension. She walked right into that one, completely. Phew, thank God someone has common sense. Seriously though, that sucks OP. If the relationship keeps going downhill, don't keep trying to run something that's dead.

AngelicTide 11

I would have ask if we(they) needed counseling. Don't give easy outs by giving him a reason. Let him man up and say it himself. But as soon as you start to move on he'll be running back.

thenamestaco171 2

Yes. I love your pic black butler for life. :3 *fangirl scream* ahem i mean lets not be too hasty, the man might have not heard her right or something...

Lionesse 15

He's being childish. Sorry OP.. Sometimes, you can't joke with people when they are moody.. Best just to let them sulk in their own corner.

I'm sorry, but how many serious relationships have you had? The "best thing" isn't to let them "sulk in their own corner". You could always, you know, Talk to them? Try to comfort them? Even just sit beside them and let them know they're not alone. Actions speak louder than words, but complacency screams at the top of its lungs. And not in a good way, either.

That's great, #57, as long as you're an extrovert. Introverts need their space sometimes. It has nothing to do with relationship experience, it's just common sense.

Lionesse 15

I agree #74. There are some people you have to leave alone when they are in a bad mood. Being suffocating and asking them how they are feeling etc etc can sometimes make things worse (I would know). #57 is just making baseless assumptions on my relationship experiences so I don't listen to advice from people who assume (;