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Smack it a few times and say, "Is this thing on?" That'll stop him. Unless he's into S S S S, M M M.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me.


lmao thats awesome, i gota give that a try

so what's the problem?

Can you say that into the microphone?

18- it's too small

*Mandatory "how would you know?" reply to #33*

This is the greatest Intimacy FML in the history of this site. You and your husband are legendary OP.

well 59 its obvious... hes asian

Bet if you bit the microphone, it would never happen again...

Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

You should say "testing testing, sorry the microphone is too small

Or the husband should now say sweetly "It's not going to suck itself"

lol other FML reference

OP, don't complain! Just give his "microphone" what it needs, then ask him for a favor in return.

He should ask whos the boss then when you turn around punch you in the face and yell TONY DANZA.

hahaha Tony Danza.....

That guy cuts in line.

that was the dumbest thing I have ever heard..

71 - SoD reference... nice

Hahahaha. Well, it's your fault you keep falling for it, but he sounds awesome. Laugh it up, OP. it'll be funny until you stop buying it.

haha nice! i agree, hopefully she'll realize what's really going to happen lol. nice of you though to not bash OP! :)

Maybe you should talk loud enough so that you wouldn't need his conveniently kept microphone.

HA. That's awesome.

You are cute as hell

Well you keep falling for it...

mmmm brainy chicks with glasses...

ugh god ur back Cinn I thought u died

lmao she alrdy lools dead

Well you're nice aren't you. And I didn't die (obviously), I just had a lot of revision to be done. But rest assured that's all over soon. ;p

The book did what it supposed to do didn't it?

update: not as effective in public.

Smack it a few times and say, "Is this thing on?" That'll stop him. Unless he's into S S S S, M M M.

You just made my day(:

It's SSS & MMM. but still funny

gotta love perdix, hilariously witty, punny and intelligent ^-^ havent seen you in awhile mate ^-^