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  vcapelo  |  19

Just don't feel bad about it and don't go apologize to her. She asked for it and she's the one who needs to get over it! You need to stay cool or else she'll start losing respect for you!

  winkydog4056  |  16

#45_Winky will add to this comment; even if they ARE fat!


It's better then calling her fat, or saying that she's getting fat. I'd prefer my boyfriend to ask for a blow job, over call me fat. Who knows that may be like her biggest insecurities, as it is for most women.

  panda_lou  |  11

I don't understand why girls hate blowjobs so much. He never has to ask for one with me. I have never understood the problem.

As for the insult OP delivered I'm not sure what to say. Was her comment rude enough to warrant such an insult? Is she really gaining weight or were you just trying to deliver a low blow?

If you were just trying to insult her while making her also insecure about her body therefore unlikely to sleep with you because she now thinks you see her as a pig then I think you did rather well.

  Daiyuki  |  5

So 91, are you saying you're a mind reader or that you give random blowjobs whenever the mood strikes you? Either way isn't too bad, but I am confused