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  NoOneLovesYou  |  13

Your English teacher doesn't know a damn thing about informal English, then. Tell them to shove their degree up their ass since it hasn't taught them very much. The "official" rules of English don't always apply in modern usage. Most Americans don't know "who" from "whom" for example, and I'm sure your English teacher has fucked up more than once THEMselves while teaching.

  daminantion  |  14

you are all wrong about him saying it wrong. the usage of 'they' is formal: they implies a group OR someone of high respect, taken from French grammar.

example: A doctor gives you their note.

all you silly folk think you know your linguistics.. leave it to Yankees to start the fight on how to speak a British language.

By  Rainbow_dumpster  |  27

Damn. I haVe never fOund such an ignoRant idiot who deCidEd that tHose lIneS Are great for sexual seriousneSS.

Now put those capital letters in my message together and what have you got?