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It's a sign.

Forget about your life, F that horses life!


It's a sign.

It's horseshit is what it is.

That's FOAL of crap, sorry to hear OP.

What a coltastrophe!

Maybe it's not a sign. My god OP, how much do you weigh?!

52 - It was a horse drawn CARRIAGE ride. Not horse-back riding.

Probably as much as your horse teeth do. Jerk.

Probably as much as your horse teeth do. Jerk.

This horse is no more! It has ceased to be!...

#85 We kind of established that already.

I love the parrot sketch :)

Here in Poland, in the mountains, horses die quite regularly because they are forced to draw carriages overloaded with tourists. So yes, it is possible to kill a horse if the carriage is too heavy.

Well I weigh about 206 and she only weighs about 130 so I don't think we were too heavy

#85, I got the Monty Python reference.

Not saying you should take this as a bad omen or anything, but you should take this as a bad omen.

Aww that sucks, for you guys and the horse ):

That took me by surprise! When u was reading I thought it would be like a horse shat on his girlfriend or something similar, but I did not expect them to die! This needs a follow-up!

#42 You need a grammar lesson.

What would the follow up be? Funeral details for the horse?

Hopefully the relationship is more stable then the horse

I LOVE your icon pic!

Horses sometimes pleasure me sexually

^ ignorant or stupid pick one Edit : do I detect a moderator ?

Time to stable this date.

HAY man, this was a BARN enough pun to make me say NEIGH never again

Alright #22, Don't flog a dead horse, ya failed dude.

Hay 30 don't ride sea biscuit so hard. Foal attitudes never prevail. Edit oh damn his username is sea biscuit . I literally chuckled out loud.

Lol... Punny.

I'm ashamed of what I've done but the replies were great xD

Forget about your life, F that horses life!

I fuck dead horses

#18 ...Uhh... I'm sorta scared...

Or lack there of

Life's a bitch and then a horse dies.

I hope you guys still had fun up until that moment! Sorry about the whole situation.

Hey at least it's an interesting date...?

It did make a cool story

That is definitely not how i expected that sentence to end....

I was expecting it to end with a romantic horse BBQ.

64: What is wrong with you?!

He's hungry is what's wrong!

83 horse is actually a delicacy in many countries. I an not beyond the idea of trying it once just to see how it tastes. In this situation I would pass though

How long will it take for someone to use 'beating a dead horse' puns?

your love was just to strong