By Anonymous - 15/03/2010 14:05 - South Africa

Today, after confronting my husband about lack of intimacy in our marriage, I found him playing with himself. His response to my shock was, "This is less work and less involving." FML
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tell him thats cuz ur hand only has to move 2 inches.

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Maybe he isn't the one doing something wrong. She might not contribute in any way and he's just not that into humping a lifeless body.


all men do this, it's not really an fml

Invest in ways he may want to do it. it can't always be, spend an an hour in the kitchen just to be in the oven for a few minutes.

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you probobly don't...err..... "entertain" him enough in bed. or he's gay. either way it sounds like you guys need to have a talk.

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apparently the hand was better than you and far less annoying

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op, are you disgustingly ugly?

YDI for being bad in bed. have someone teach you then get back to him.

OP while it does suck I bet you don't go down on your husband and shit. it you want him to fulfill your needs you need to fulfill his!

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you can have a taste of some of my meat

Well if he's using his hand than he knows exactly how to please himself. My diagnosis is a lack of communication between you two on your sexual desires.

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More like "****** his hand".

well then get into bed and get some! take control

Completly you fault. I can't imagine what he must go thru to get you satisfied just so he can get a little. you selfish bitch. fyl for not being what he needs poor miserable bastard feels his hand is better than you.

Well ya know, he IS a guy. We sorta have to do it every once in a while. I mean, you obviously weren't giving him any.

hold on a sec since when do people in south africa have internet omg! now we gotta listen to people who starve FML look at OPs location!

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lol that's ******* funny man I couldn't stop laughing for so long btw it's ******* gross though but a guy needs his pleasure from time to time and us guys will do anything not saying that I would, **** that I got my pride no need to get rid of it like that

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listen hear long as a man has hands and access to his manhood he will touching it . A woman can give him all the sex possible and guys will be guys and jerk

your harsh!!! just because you can't get any doesn't mean this person can't! what makes you think it's the girls fault anyway? lots of men have **** or masturbation addictions and that could be what's happening. obviously she has been trying to get some otherwise she wouldn't have brought it up to him the lack of sex. grow up you sound like your 12 and new to the world of sex

she tried talking to him about not having sex and then found him jerking off so it doesn't say she's unwilling to put out. she could be really hard to please, could be annoying, or he could be a dick, or if he doesnt want it with her he could be cheating or he could have found out she was cheating. there's a lot of things it could be but we don't know because he didn't tell us.

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sometimes a dude just wants to get off girl. It's not an insult haha more like, "I can do this in a minute and a half and be done." that's like saying a girl can't ********** if she has a guy...

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shirly is a lovely hand... and entertaining

But it could always use an assist. Have your mouth mind the stepchildren while their big brother is busy.

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tell him thats cuz ur hand only has to move 2 inches.

tell him he must be doing something wrong if he likes playing with himself more than having intimate relations with you...

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Maybe he isn't the one doing something wrong. She might not contribute in any way and he's just not that into humping a lifeless body.

YDI for being weak and living in South Africa. Move to the US or EU.

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What's wrong with South Africa?

What's wrong with Nelson Mandela, you racist ************?

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Point goes untaken. anyways, you said move to the states. George Bush, 'nuff said.

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After 75 people put the apostrophe on the wrong side, 'nuff said.

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#6 ydi.. the EU?? the European union is failing as a whole and south Africa is in a better situation than the EU.

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You should bang him, like **** star style. You prolly only do it the way you wanna do it. You should give, it's not always about receiving!!

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It's easier for him to fantasize about men when he's not with you.

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Hahaha. unless OP looks like a man... :o

im thinking that op just isn't good enough in bed