By Anonymous - 02/05/2013 12:50 - Canada - Airdrie

Today, my dog had her stomach pumped because she ate some cookies. The 100 cookies I made for a bake sale to be exact. FML
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Nightwing98 22

100 cookies? Did you mean bear instead of dog?


Nightwing98 22

100 cookies? Did you mean bear instead of dog?

I'm quite sure OP would know the difference between a bear and a dog.

I don't understand this site. The funny comments get thumbs down, the sympathy comments get thumbed down. Dryshite community.

rg350dx 29

That dog must be a goddamned tank if it can down 100 cookies.

I work in a Vet Hospital and some tiny dogs can eat AMAZING amounts of bad stuff. I saw a Golden Retriever that ate an entire bag of garbage, and she looked like a Thanksgiving blimp.

My lab would go to town on 100 cookies, plus another 100 if they were available. I feel like dogs have that problem where they don't feel full and could literally eat until they pop. Or, my dog is just a pig. :P

My friend pet dog ate the 2 bags of trash. I was horrified and was scared that she was gonna die. Thankfully she didn't. Amazing what they can stuff in their little tummy.

tjv3 10

Damn OP maybe you should feed him more?

It's not that the dog needs more food, dogs eat whatever they can get to. My dog took a bite out of every pepper in my moms garden, so we put cyan in them and fed them to him, he still ate them... All 10 red bell peppers...

One of the biggest problems people have with dogs is overeating, which could kill them. Most dogs don't know when to stop eating, since their ancestors would hunt something and just go to town until it was gone. It's dangerous and even overeating regular dog food has killed, which is why it's healthier for most dogs to have set mealtimes.

PeaceIsFree 9

I think that might have been me actually...

You're OP's dog? Wow! You can eat 100 cookies AND type on a computer? You're an awesome bitch!

oj101 33

#32 - your comment is even more awesome with Cookie Monster as your display picture but I am a little disturbed as to what you will do to #4 next given that all the cookies have been eaten.

Ain't nothing like some Scooby snacks... Hope the dog is alright op

rg350dx 29

My dog eats shit but that doesn't mean I'm going to change her name to "shitty"

Yes, let's name the dog after what could have killed it. Actually, my parents call me "Car Accident" cause one of those almost killed me. I think it's cute :) :P

Lets just hope it wasn't a fundraising bake sale....that sucks OP.

narkill 13

Well,that's the way the cookie crumbles I guess.