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Today, I found out that the only reason why I haven't had a relationship last for more than a week the past 4 years is because of my stalker ex-girlfriend, who has been keeping other women out of my life by making up horrible stories about me. She broke up with me 5 years ago. FML
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If the girls you're trying to date don't give you a chance to explain or prove that crazy psycho bitch wrong, they aren't worth your time.


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Wow, I would hate to have a stalker. Sorry op, hope she moves on so you can live your life

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tell her to get over it and get a life!!if she has time to be stalking u and all of your girlfriends,then she has time to try and find a new boyfriend!!

Won't stop her from talking to the other girls, though

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. No truer words have ever been spoken.

16, by the sounds of this she's not scorned, just a crazy bitch! She broke up with OP, not the other way. If you have evidence you should call the police!

How was she scorned? Says she broke up with him...

It isn't that easy to get a restraining order. Next time you are interested in a lady, let her know that your ex, from 5 years ago, and you had a bad break up. Maybe if you tell the lady up front, she won't be so quick to judge. Now, I'd your ex if saying you gave her and other women STDs, you might be ****** (and not in the good way) :-/. I wish you the best of luck.

13 - that's true, but you can get a restraining order if she's stalking you, even if it's to other girls, because to know he's talking to them she has to be lurking, we all know a jealous woman does better research than the FBI xD

This kind of situations is why people should learn to get the facts right and just not listen to rumors.

I would go for a harrasment charge. Collect proofs, get the girls you dated to confess it to a judge, if online get the copies ect.. It will only get worse op.. Charge that bitch before she gets violent. Never know with crazy people.. -.- Edit. I know its not direct harrasment, but she is still in a way reatraining you from relationships by harrasing them, so.. Talk to a lawyer..

Confront that b*tch! Step up and take control of your love life.

Every time I read an FML that includes a female stalker, I always think of Rose from Two and a Half Men...

the part of this FML that doesn't make sense is that the stalker ex girlfriend BROKE UP with HIM

This FML reads totally differently if you imagine that the OP and his crazy ex are currently high school students.

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Actually NONE of this makes sense. What kind of a woman who's hot for OP is going to drop him because of a bitter ex is making up lies? We've all been there. If you like the man you'd just be more determined to privet her wrong. Now if the ex is telling a few home truths & the new woman can see it's true an realizes before he can screw her over - well then, that would keep the women away

i think that girl was crazy even before the break up.

If the girls you're trying to date don't give you a chance to explain or prove that crazy psycho bitch wrong, they aren't worth your time.

Exactly, people are so quick to judge these days without even giving a person a chance.

5, better safe than sorry. It's much easier to avoid suspicious people than to believe one. I see it as a instinct/defense mechanism. Suspicion is easily gotten, but hard to get rid off.

True, but I would rather give love a chance than let some girl I don't know that might be crazy, persuade me what to think about someone. I must have liked him for something to begin with and I would rather know the truth.

Thank you, lajaynay. My thoughts exactly. Nobody has faith that there are still good people in this world. They are just harder to find and most people are unwilling to take that chance :-/.

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But you have no idea that the bitch is crazy. I'd like to say I would've given him a chance to explain himself, but the truth is, there's no way in hell I would, depending on the rumor.

Also, being involved with someone whose got a crazy ex at their heels is a nightmare. I've learned to just bow out when shit like that starts happening, unless the guy is willing to take definite steps to make her go away, otherwise it's just a bitch to deal with when it wasn't even your relationship.

Jellin like a felon eating watermelon. Or the shoe jellin, Are you jellin? I'm jellin!!!!! (Dr.Scholes)

4 years though? Thats pretty messed ip

This is the one appropriate time for a **** punt.

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Wait, so she dumped you, then decided to stalk you? o.O

Things llike these make murderers out of men.

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Yeaaah...I don't think so. Just keep telling yourself she's the reason, Op. It'll make you feel better. Women don't avoid dating a guy because they've heard crazy stories. They take that stuff as a challenge. Now if she's telling TRUE stories that make women wise to your ways - then, yes, that would work.

Y'know 102, opinions are like buttholes. Some are popular and much loved. Others, not so much. Your opinion appears to fall in the latter category.

Are you Charlie sheen and is her name rose? Ahh a two and a half men reference, bet you didn't see that one coming! -waits for thumb downs-

Well, they never went out and he rejected her, so...but definitely, creepiness level matches up

You don't have to point out where it was from, that was pretty damn obvious!

No, they had a one night stand together then Rose and Charlie moved to England and got married.

I was gonna mention a restraining order, but #2 already said it. Tell those women that the stories aren't true. I mean, they're stupid if they decide to listen to someone they never met instead of someone the actually decided to date. D: