By marisa - 05/01/2013 00:31 - Ireland - Carlow

Today, I had to beg my husband not to shave his pubic hair into a handlebar moustache. FML
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That has to be one of the most awesome ideas for a guy to do with his pubes...hold on, I'll be right back...


I moustache a question... Would the handlebar-hair promote better control while they ride?

It depends, if it is a think and hearty man's moustache then yes; if however it is the stache of a little girly, then most definitely not my good sir.

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No that sounds pretty dapper.

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Yes but he better shave a condom for later cause she'll be coming back for more.

It's his pubes...and handlebar mustaches are BADASS

This is a total win! A+ for creativity... and at least he shaves?

That has to be one of the most awesome ideas for a guy to do with his pubes...hold on, I'll be right back...

Sounds better than the heart shape pubes.

The handle bar! Now grab on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

I wonder how many of us are going to try this now... Op's husband might just start a new trend! World Pube Championships here I come!

I'm trying to figure out what exactly the World Pube Championships would consist of.

Think of the guy from the pirates of the carribbean with the dead crew. Something like that.

Actually, the best idea would be to grow a Pai-Mei style beard down there. Don't forget to dye it white!

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I just tried it. It didn't work so I used glue I ended up having to shave it bald.

He had an olden time boxing match to get to!

Is he trying to make his dick look like William Murderface? If so lets hope he doesn't start playing bass with it!

I hope so! A posh handlebar moustache is ****** in comparison to Murderface's man stache.

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Thats BRUTAL! and if my husband could play bass with his dick i wouldnt care what his pubes looked like

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They call it a "sex nose" for a reason, OP.

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Look at it this way, can practice riding your bike while you hang on to his handle bars!

Maybe she rides her bike with no handle bars... No handle bars

Really? Handlebar? Italian mustaches are more badass!

Did you threaten to grow yours into a beard to match?

You were begging for the Chevron, weren't you? Or did you want the Horseshoe?

I was thinking she wanted mutton chops. The problem is growing out the hair on your ass cheeks.

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Clearly he's insinuating he wants a handy.