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Today, I finally built up the courage to confess my love to the girl of my dreams. She turned me down. When I asked her about all the recent receptive behavior toward me, she replied, "I thought it'd be funny." FML
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  TheNewGuy03  |  28

Oh, and I bet she'll be the one later on in life complaining, "Girl, I can't just seem to find no good man." I've been telling people for a while now that girls and guys are the same; they just have different methods.

The circle of life ... and of love.

|the kid|

  Daederoth  |  10

Yeah man, I rarely feel bad for anyone but this is an exception. You should make her pay. As in a monetary fine for being a bitch. Just sell it like hey that's a really shitty thing to do, you owe me money. And so on.


Anymore girls lead on and play guys just as much as guys do to girls. It's a shame because there are a lot of great guys out there! But there are also the kind hearted girls that do believe in long term relationships.
Sorry OP xxx


That girls a Bitch you're better off without her OP.I hate people like that,guys and girls alike if you're not interested in someone don't act like you are because you think it'd be funny.

  Sai_Run614  |  7

No, I am fool. As in she is a fool for playing games like that. To also explain simple is. She is simple minded playing games like that, as if that will satisfy some part of her in some way went really is just makes more of a void.

  MCTime  |  12

I liked the capital A. It reminded me of a reference to an A as a grade, like the girl was obviously an F and OP could do better and get an A.

  IcedJesus  |  5

Sorry op , bitches gone be bitches. And even if he smoked pot that never gives you a right to do that shit. Most the people on here are middle-aged anti-pot parents with nothing better to do then troll..