By HighasaCloud - 30/04/2012 16:01 - United States - Elkhart

Today, I finally built up the courage to confess my love to the girl of my dreams. She turned me down. When I asked her about all the recent receptive behavior toward me, she replied, "I thought it'd be funny." FML
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That's just flat out mean. She is not worth it if she thinks that's funny.


I'm so sorry OP. Some people are really immature.

She seems like a bitch anyway. You deserve better, OP.

Yeah and nowadays bitches have a funny sense of humour.

bigtaytay 13

man thats ******. thats what women do man they play with your head. it aint right

Rape her, and when the judge asks, "why," be like you thought it would be funny.

blloyd420 5

Wanne-be players do the same thing bro

italian_cows 4

Its not funny it's just stupid...

Ouch man, that sucks.

There's someone better out there for you :(

Idonebeenhad 17

that's really low, you don't play around with that

Girls can be real bitches sometimes.

Oh, and I bet she'll be the one later on in life complaining, "Girl, I can't just seem to find no good man." I've been telling people for a while now that girls and guys are the same; they just have different methods. The circle of life ... and of love. |the kid|

Yeah man, I rarely feel bad for anyone but this is an exception. You should make her pay. As in a monetary fine for being a bitch. Just sell it like hey that's a really shitty thing to do, you owe me money. And so on.

What a bitch. You could do so much better. People like that just aren't worth it.

That's just flat out mean. She is not worth it if she thinks that's funny.

X_Codes 11

Tell me about it. This brings back some bad memories.

Anymore girls lead on and play guys just as much as guys do to girls. It's a shame because there are a lot of great guys out there! But there are also the kind hearted girls that do believe in long term relationships. Sorry OP xxx

unoffensivename 0

That girls a Bitch you're better off without her OP.I hate people like that,guys and girls alike if you're not interested in someone don't act like you are because you think it'd be funny.

87-You're right, it's not funny at all. That's just ****** up. I feel bad for OP. :(

She doesn't deserve you, OP.

That really sucks, FYL! She didn't deserve someone like you, anyways.

We like FMA and Bleach. Can we be friends?

56- Sending private messages were invented for a reason.

Simple is simple does. Shes a fool.

For what she did, you mean tool, right?

No, I am fool. As in she is a fool for playing games like that. To also explain simple is. She is simple minded playing games like that, as if that will satisfy some part of her in some way went really is just makes more of a void.

2ndSucks 15

Ohh... You're sounding educated. I see.

mizuki123 8

Aw... Sorry OP. You can do A lot better. Forget her!

You do not know that.

mizuki123 8

Just like you don't know about the stoner thing soo.

7's capitalized "A" is bothering me >.

I liked the capital A. It reminded me of a reference to an A as a grade, like the girl was obviously an F and OP could do better and get an A.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

No wonder her son calls her that.

Maybe she doesn't like stoners.

1. Where does it say OP is a stoner? 2. Even IF OP is a stoner, that doesn't give anyone the right to toy with their feelings just because you think it'

Chill out A Teen.

What now? You're going to offer me a joint?

Read OPs username meathead

Yeah I was referring to his username. At least someone got it.

HighasaCloud 46

Smoking pot doesn't put her off, and even if it did, it doesn't justify her faking feelings towards me "for the lulz"

unoffensivename 0

Not judging you here but do you smoke pot?

I wasn't saying you deserved it and my original comment was mostly in jest anyway.

86 - I think his user name refers to "Cloud 9", as in total bliss.

Sorry op , bitches gone be bitches. And even if he smoked pot that never gives you a right to do that shit. Most the people on here are middle-aged anti-pot parents with nothing better to do then troll..

Tell her you never liked her either.... And then steal her car.

itsame0987 18

Jack the keys to the f'ing car, crash that piece of shit and step away.