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Today, my boyfriend asked if I could grow out my pubic hair since I usually wax it. He said his mom has a full bush and he always thought it looks better that way. FML
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I tried counting the amount of problems in this FML and I couldn't get past 1.He WANTS OP's ****** to resemble his mother's?

I think problem #2 is that He WANTS his GIRLFRIEND'S ****** to resemble his MOTHER'S. Freaky.

wow! this is the most disturbing FML I've read in a while. FYL OP!

Well that isn't what it says - he just says that he thinks it looks better as a full bush. There aren't that many ways to have a ****** - it isn't because his mother has it like that that he wants his gf to - it is just he thinks it is better. The fact that he has seen his mothers is the creepy thing I think - although I have seen my Mum's when I was little and she used to walk from the bathroom to her room naked. It doesn't necessarily mean anything though I can see why OP freaked out.

Problem #3 how is he aware of what his mother's ****** looks like? Even if it was an accident that wouldn't last half a second.

The big problem here is that he knows that his mom has a bush, and that he knows what it looks like.......EWW!!

problem #5 Op's boyfriend has no problem having a conversation about his mom's ******?!?

You may not have grown up in a house with nudity but for some people it's normal, and not remotely sexual. The question really is: can you get comfortable with this? If not I see far bigger problems in your future with this man than your choice of pubic decoration...

115 that's a good point, maybe they are nudists.

Rick Ro$$....Yes I took a Look and I Enjoyed that #U.O.E.N.O

Or maybe his mother fell ill at one point and had to take care of her. I don't see what's so "creepy" about him knowing his mother had a bush.

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I'm not normally logged into FML but I figured I could hijack the top comment to tell you all something. I don't know a lot about this and disclaimer, I don't have a degree in psychology, but there's supposedly a theory that people are inclined to be attracted to a mate similar to their opposite sex parent. I would assume this stems from only close relationships with said parent. I have a great relationship with my mother and I find I can compare my ex with her in many different ways. So if OP's boyfriend has a great relationship with his mother then it's very possible that this theory applies here. I'm not attracted to my mother, romantically or sexually, but my ex (whom I love dearly and turns me on like a light switch) has a similar personality and body shape. I don't want to defend any incestial possibilities, but I'm just trying to point out that there are some extremely logical reasonings behind this desire.

That's fine and all, #158, but I can't get over the fact that he has had a good look at his mothers ****** and wishes for one identical to it(possibly fantasizing it would be his moms?) this guy has took it too far.

I already explained the whole fantasizing part... Just because I'm in love with a girl that acts and looks like my mom does not mean I fantasize about her in any way shape or form... As for seeing his mother's pubic hair it really isn't that hard. Lot's of kids remember stuff from when they're little and lots of times parents are naked around their kids when they're really small. I have a memory from when I was 2 (it's about a car we used to have). I have a memory from my 6th bday I believe. I remember stuff from kindergarten and first grade. It's very possible that this guy has seen it from that far back and has a vague memory of it. Then you can tie it into my very plausible proof of it not being him fantasizing or desiring his mother and this FML can be explained pretty well. But I guess if you all want to assume the worst and have a pessimist assume something better then to each their own I suppose.

What creeps me out about is that he doesn't just say, "I think it would look better with a bush," or "I like the ones I've seen with bushes." It's, "My mom has one and I think it looks better that way." Meaning he specifically likes the way his mom's hooha looks. Otherwise, why would he use her as the example?

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I'd love to have seen the look on OP face when he said that

Girlfriend: you want my what to look like whose?! *silent thought: that is super odd and super creepy!!*

Yes I know that comment was stupid, it sounded better in my head.

Aww come on he just likes his mother's full bush. Oh god that just sounds so wrong as i wrote it.

As if a million voices cried out in terror, and where suddenly silenced?

yeah the problem is that he likes his mommy's hairy pussy he could just said he saw a hairy pussy in some **** movie and he like it instead of saying that about his mother.

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#2, me, too. I smell something fishy about this story.

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@103 - Close your legs, Perdix.

Thought for the day. Which is more f*cked up - a man growing up knowing what his mum (a natural woman) looks like naked, or a man growing up only seeing nudity in **** who gets surprised/disgusted when he realizes natural women have body hair and plenty of it? There are plenty of type 2 around. Maybe you're luckier than you realize OP. Let it go and relax!

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I was thinking this had Freud all over it... Not that I personally agree with his theory, but in this case, it makes you wonder.

#2: A mental problem.. O.e I think that's your cue to run OP.

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Dyslexia means you reverse letters and numbers around. I think you have CantSpellia.

There are forms of dyslexia where they can confuse letters because of the phonics and how they sound alike.

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You misspelled 'you' and 'idiot'. How ironic, you idiot.

I assumed "idjit" was supposed to be eejit. Or maybe a new hybrid of the words eejit and idiot...

There's different types of dyslexia, goober. Just like there's different types of cancer, diabetes, etc. Some people have it where the letters are jumbled, some have it where the letters or words are backwards, and some have a mix in between. I would know because I have dyslexia, however, I did not think it was possible to switch an "s" and a "c". I fix the problem with switching my typing to the left side where the words are like they are in a mirror for typing.

#120 Yes it's called Dysdumbasscannotspell

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Over the hills and far away isn't just a zeppelin song.

To the hills, run for your life isn't just an Iron Maiden song.

monnanon 13

the songs called Run to the hills.

It isn't. Oedipus wanted to bang his mom, and that's what this is about.

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I'm not sure if OP's boyfriend is Oedipus or Norman Bates. Either way, it's really creepy. Run away as fast as you can OP!

If it's really a oedipus complex, the dad of OP's boyfriend should run.

75 - Electra complexes are when girls are interested in their fathers. So close, yet so far.

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#77, no, Oedipus solved the riddle of the Sphinx and was given the kingship of Thebes for lifting the Sphinx's curse. He nailed Queen Jocasta, only to find out later she was his real mother, and then he poked his own eyes out. The only thing the Complex has to do with the mythical figure is the mother-son sex, but it was never King Oedipus' intention to do that.

Regardless of him knowing that Jocasta was his mother or not, he still wanted to, and then proceeded to, bang her. Arguing that him not knowing that it was his mother before hand therefore means that he did not in fact want to bang his mother is semantics.

perdix 29

#136, actually, he ran away from Corinth to keep the prophecy of sleeping with his mother from coming true. At the time, he thought Queen Merope of Corinth was his mother. It's not semantics, it's a deep appreciation of the Classics.

It's semantics in the way you're reading into my statement. I know that he didn't know Jocasta was his mother. But he did want to bang Jocasta, hence "He wanted to bang." Turns out Jocasta was his mother, hence "his mother." That's really all there was to it. Did he or did he not want to bang the person who turned out to be his biological mother? Yes.

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Wanted? He did and they had kids.

142 - He didn't "run away from home". His father knew of the prophecy and asked a servant to kill him when he was an infant. The servant couldn't do it, so he abandoned him in the hills where a herder found him and brought him to a neighboring royal family to raise.

WTF!!!!!!!!! Run op. as fast as you can and never EVER look back

Thinking of Mom while he's down there- guess that place reminds him of home.

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That's not creepy at all. How the hell does he know about his mom?

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18 I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm. And if it wasn't then I'm scared

214 - No, she's supposed to be in her bathing suit.

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Yeah, I've seen my whole family naked a ton. The comparison is still creepy, but in one way it's not as bad