By pumpkinbutt - 17/01/2010 21:08 - France

Today, I hurried into the bank to cash in the $5,000 check my grandparents had given me for college money. I found out that instead of my name, they wrote 'our sweet iddle pumpkinbutt'. I couldn't make eye contact with anyone after. FML
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id rather be a sweet iddle pumpkinbutt with 5000 dollars than johnathan with $0

awww, u sweet iddle pumpkinbutt lmao!


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haha that's funny shit

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hey, at least they gave you money.

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Get the fuck over your self OP. Be happy you got the money in the first place.

OP DIDN'T get the money though. I don't see how so many people are missing this. If the check isn't in your name, you can't cash it. So not only was it embarrassing, but OP doesn't get the money on top of it. THAT's why it's an FML.

Actually here you can deposit checks in the bank even if it doesn't have your name.

You shoulda told your grandparents that the first check didn't count and they have to write another one properly. Then cash them both in. $10000 :D

yeah.. not possible, because of the fake name you need your real name on the cheque to cash/deposit a cheque.

It tells you on an account when a cash is checked... It wouldn't work, they'd know you cashed both.

Yea, bankrupt the grandparents. Great idea fuckball. And @103, I don't know if you are saying check in French but I mostly see it spelled "check".

awww, u sweet iddle pumpkinbutt lmao!

that wouldn't be fml at all

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Er, why not? Now he doesn't have $5000, and what if he had to pay for something important that day? Colleges are like that sometimes.

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id rather be a sweet iddle pumpkinbutt with 5000 dollars than johnathan with $0

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me too

But the bank didn't give the OP $5,000. It's not in the right name. So now now they're just a sweet iddle pumpkinbutt with $0

Get a fucking job, I have one and I'm not even 15

#139 What does having a job have to do with getting a check from your grandparents? I have a job but I'd GLADLY take a check from my grandparents to help me out with college costs. You must be too young to understand.

So what? Your grandparents just gave you FIVE GRAND you ungrateful shit!

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They aren't being ungrateful, because there is nothing to be grateful for. OP didn't just get $5000. If the check wasn't made out in OPs name, it couldn't be cashed. They also probably ended up costing OP more money than that, since it was money for college, which usually needs to be paid by the start of semester. At most colleges that is this upcoming week or the week after. OP probably is now screwed and needs to find a loan asap to pay that money, and wont have time to find one that is decent, and from what I've seen a lot of college loans are rip-offs. Giving an uncashable check is quite rude. If you can't or wont help, then don't pretend to.

Atleast they gave a cheque, and NO where does it say that the OP couldn't post it. Just the fact that they couldn't look anyone in the eye after that. Maybe it was in 'Memo' part and they had the actual name of the OP. Besides you should have to be responsible for yourself, not only does it teach responsibility, but good ethic.

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No bank that I've ever heard of will cash a check that isn't made out to the person cashing it. Unless OPs name is "our sweet iddle pumpkinbutt" then it wasn't cashed.

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And while I get responsibility, I still think the grandparents should have been upfront from the start. If you are getting a loan from a bank, and then after all the paperwork is signed and dealt with, they don't actually give it to you, does that teach you responsibility? Why should depending on a family member to do what they promised be any different? It doesn't bother me that the grandparents aren't paying for college. What bothers me is that they said they would, and then didn't. I don't approve of breaking a promise. I consider a check to be a promise of money. If they weren't going to give the money, they shouldn't have given the check.

YDI for not reading the check well in the first place

You mean that the fact that your grandparents care so much for you they give you $5k just like that is an FML? Need attention much? :D

Fake! There was one exactly like this a couple days ago.