By holymoly - 05/09/2012 06:12 - Canada - Calgary

Today, my grandparents took me out for dinner for my birthday. After singing, "Happy birthday dear..." they froze. I had to say my own name because they'd forgotten it. FML
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Atleast they remember your bday... How did they remember your birthday if they don't know your name anyway o.o


cheshireau 26

Dementia? Or even just a mind blank? At least your weren't called a siblings name.

My grandmas are the same way. They just have so many kids & grand kids they forget. I don't even get upset anymore.

Well honestly they are old give them a break at least they took you out :) still kind of embarrassing at a restaurant sorry op.

I never get free food. I WISH my grandma didn't know my name. She doesn't like me.

jarockstar27 10

Well OP at least they took you out, my paternal grandparents wont even give me a phone call...

Atleast they remember your bday... How did they remember your birthday if they don't know your name anyway o.o

boxbrandon11 20

Old people have calendars on their fridge

Yeah but, wouldn't you mark down the name also? I'm pretty sure I won't circle a date and mark "birthday" without a name reminder of whose birthday. .___.

wildsweetchild 19

They simply could have singed "happy birthday dear grandson/granddaughter " problem solved ;) but anyway... be grateful that they remembered your birthday and even took you out.

I may have Alzheimers, but atleast i dont have Alzheimers.

Unless they'd forgotten whose birthday it was by the time they got to the restaurant...

Maybe they marked her down as "kid of -parents-" on the calendar

wildsweetchild 19

42-sung*..sometimes english as a third language gets the best out of me..sorry grammar nazis

baddawg365 0

Alzheimer's... It's a bitch with a sense of humor

Just be happy they even thought of you, or remembered. I wish I still had grandparents to share my birthday with, so make the best of it OP!

Life_is_FML 22

OP man up. My grandma still calls my mom Kathy and my aunt Carol Carthy because it's too much effort to remember their names even when they were little kids. She either calls me Carol, Kathy, or Martha, none of which are my names. She almost never calls me by my actual name. Same for my brother.

Can't blame old people for being old. It's just another unfortunate effect of aging, and it's the thought that counts, right OP?

melikeyturtles 3

As a kid, I always thought it was called Old Timer's. Sounds cooler.

I also thought it was old timer's as a kid.

My grandma has Alzheimer's and she does forget things quite a bit. They remembered your birthday. That's spectacular. I think it's best to offer compassion because it's common to lose short term memory as one ages. I don't think it was personal, love. I'm sure it was embarrassing for them.

I don't think your grandkid's name is considered short term memory.. Unless he was born an hour ago or somethin

Airman1988 9

When I get super old I want to do something like Nick Swardson talks about in his comedy special "Seriously, who farted?" and give one of my relatives I don't like a gift wrapped steaming pile of shit lol

Airman1988 9

And just blame it on the Alzheimer's and dementia, if you haven't seen this comedy my comment may have been confusing

Obviously you're still a very, very, VERY long way away from getting "super old".

jenniiienyc 5

In their defense, they are old.. But man, taking someone out to dinner when you don't even know their name;) I'm kidding. Sorry though OP.

old people tend to forget things (: so do I, but still.. don't worry about it

Don't make such a big deal out of it, they sound like great grandparents who really care since they took you out to dinner. Be grateful for them, a lot of people don't have any supportive family. I would love to have your grandparents.