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  Mioko_fml  |  6

Yeah but, wouldn't you mark down the name also? I'm pretty sure I won't circle a date and mark "birthday" without a name reminder of whose birthday. .___.

  wildsweetchild  |  19

They simply could have singed "happy birthday dear grandson/granddaughter " problem solved ;) but anyway... be grateful that they remembered your birthday and even took you out.

  Life_is_FML  |  22

OP man up. My grandma still calls my mom Kathy and my aunt Carol Carthy because it's too much effort to remember their names even when they were little kids. She either calls me Carol, Kathy, or Martha, none of which are my names. She almost never calls me by my actual name. Same for my brother.

By  fleurie  |  6

My grandma has Alzheimer's and she does forget things quite a bit. They remembered your birthday. That's spectacular. I think it's best to offer compassion because it's common to lose short term memory as one ages. I don't think it was personal, love. I'm sure it was embarrassing for them.

By  Airman1988  |  9

When I get super old I want to do something like Nick Swardson talks about in his comedy special "Seriously, who farted?" and give one of my relatives I don't like a gift wrapped steaming pile of shit lol

By  Gymnastlevel10  |  0

Don't make such a big deal out of it, they sound like great grandparents who really care since they took you out to dinner. Be grateful for them, a lot of people don't have any supportive family. I would love to have your grandparents.