By Anonymous - 16/09/2012 13:46 - United States

Today, I was finally paid back by a friend who wrote a check out. Not really looking at it, I went to the bank to deposit it. As I handed it to the teller, I noticed that he had written "sex" in the "for" memo. FML
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Just shows you're a high class prostitute who makes so much she gets paid by cheque or card. Congrats.

Haha ! I kinda like that guy !


Kyle225 3

That is a classic.

As in "he paid you for sex"? Oh man, that is embarrassing.

I do that when writing checks to my partner all the time just to piss him off :p

Kn0wledge123 21

Problem OP?

CaptainDoorknob 7

4 - No, as in he paid OP for scrubbing his toilet last week.

57- oh thanks I was confused.

This is why people say reading is important.

4-kill yourself

well atleast you still got the money.

And who cares what the teller thinks. You've now got a check and money. Plus, why not go to an ATM?

Haha ! I kinda like that guy !

Naomimi_fml 6

Well, it's not like we know what he was paying OP back for

Well I'm guessing it wasn't for sex.

Marcella1016 31

And OP now knows that payback is a bitch.

Just shows you're a high class prostitute who makes so much she gets paid by cheque or card. Congrats.

I believe the high class ones are called escorts? Anybody with experience care to verify?

anybody with EXPERIENCE? yeah sure, people would love to fess up to a crime to the entire online community. I know I'm just dying to share with the world that I stole a car the other day… also, escorts, prostitutes… whatever you want to call them, they're all low class and they're all sick. there is no such thing as a "high class" prostitute!! I'd rather die on the street of starvation than sell myself. and I cry for the people forced into it against their will.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Yep, escort is the correct term.

25- This is Silvio Berlusconi speaking. Yes, they are indeed called escorts. I had one at my villa once.

mrnuleef 7

I'm imagining the "card swipe thru the butt cheeks" image as I'm reading this comment, lol

As a teller I've had stuff like that happened. No worries OP.

Still it must really FUCKING suck ;)!

citymayer 7

Haha! You are SOOOOO punny!!

jujubunni5 9

At least the teller knows you're getting some action (;

That's kind of why it's an FML. She wanted to avoid the idea that the teller thought she was having sex for money.

Where does it say that op was a girl or boy?

52- it doesn't say. But that's more of a guy thing to do to a girl. It's less funny the other way around.

fromthesuck 8

How so? Seeing a possible male name on check makes it even more funny if op is a male as well.

I bet the teller has seen this before. And I bet OP's debtor has just seen his last loan!

Apparently, checks like that tend to bounce because I once had a teller argue with me for 15 minutes saying my check was no good. It was a check from my fiancé and I knew how much was in his bank account. She finally cashed it saying "if it doesn't go through you will have to pay a fine".

Teller: I'll give you a call. *wink wink*

As long as the teller isn't your mother, you're overreacting OP

ozone9914 2

thats right dont give a fck about what other people think specially for those people you only see once in your life

Unless OP is from a small town where EVERYONE knows your parents, grandparents, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins.

mrnuleef 7

I used to be a teller and Ive seen much weirder, so if its any consolation OP, your check is probably just the tip of the iceberg

If the teller asks say they were so terrible that you demanded compensation xD