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By JacksWag4 - 16/08/2013 22:21 - United States - Romulus

Today, I attended the reading of my grandfather's last will and testament. My parents, as well as my brothers and sister, all inherited a nice sum of money. I got 69 cents, because, "young Jack always was an immature little shit." FML
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Dang man that sucks. Maybe you shoulda been nicer too your old grandpa :/


Dang man that sucks. Maybe you shoulda been nicer too your old grandpa :/

Word, obviously there is more to this story then Jacks grandfather not being nice lol.

friedpwnadge 25

If he decided to screw you in front of the entire family, that's on his grave for all of eternity. Just be glad you make much more than that in an hour.

I was wondering how the lawyer (or whomever did the reading,) read that aloud with a straight face... was know what, I don't wanna know.

41- Speak for yourself. If I were the FML, I would like to be jacked off. But maybe that's just me.

You're only immature if you giggled when you heard the "69".

RpiesSPIES 27

I didn't giggle, I cackled. Good to see I've matured.

NatalieOntheTram 11

I guess I shouldnt be ashamed of my immaturity, then! Seems you've got company, OP!

This comment has 96thumbs up at time of posting. If only I had a mirror :(

A mirror would only make the numbers still wouldn't be 69.

An Enchanted mirror would make it 69.

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Well, whether it was true or not, it was your Grandfather's choice what do to with his money. Sorry it didn't work out for you though OP :/

Well that does suck, however if your creating an fml about not getting as much money as the rest if your family that's sad.

MattOnFML 13

True! This shouldn't be about not receiving money, but rather your family members death

Before anyone points out my mistake should have said *of not "if". ._.

And here I was excited thinking you were correcting that awful "your" in your comment. Oh well, one step at a time.

Ahhh no, better go put on my armor to prepare myself for the dowvotes.

The Joker does not don his armor when he gets downvoted. He blows up a hospital.

Uh no, your was the correct spelling. Go back to school.

ironik69 31

Even in death, he trolled you.

How did you get that wrong in the first place?

52: I'm assuming it was due to autocorrect, that happens to me a lot.

AnthonyWheeler15 24

In a way that's sentimental, right?