By longtrip - 18/01/2010 00:30 - United Kingdom

Today, I drove 4 hours to see my girlfriend of a year, as she had asked me to stay with her for a few days. When I arrived she told me she wanted to be friends as she liked someone else, but wanted me to stay the few days so we could work on being friends. FML
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theman34 0

**** no that bitch did not say that

Say no. How nicely you say it and how you go about doing it are up to you, but if you have an ounce of dignity, you won't stay. She doesn't deserve you - not even as a friend.


theman34 0

**** no that bitch did not say that

what's the big deal she sounds mature and responsible, which is more than I can say for most people

hopefully that's the first time that has happened

* shifty eyes* Did you... Did you do her?

Whats your name young man? ah ah pee...ah ah tear...ah ah griffin, ye...yeah peter griffen....ah crap

Man I feel for you but what more can you do other than accept it? Well you could get her back.

Maddoctor 10

You can also make her pay for gas! At least that would probably be the first thing I'd think of, beside the fact that my heart just got broken.

burn the house down only logical thing to do next

Bang her mom. That will work, to your satisfaction atleast.

I was thinking the sister, dog, or father if applicable.

lickmyjock 0

I bet you could still get head from her.

Nic_hole 0

What a *****, that's so wrong

Tell her friends set each other up, and can she please arrange a date for you with her sister/best friend.

omg she sounds delightful.. that whole year meant nothin to her clearly so you dont owe her anything... just cut all ties n tell her to FOAD