By Anonymous - 04/11/2010 20:30 - United States

Today, I asked my boyfriend if I could call him "love muffin". He asked if he could call me "muffin top". FML
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ahhh makin love in the bakery

KingDingALing 9

Ask him if you can call him "needle dick".


ahhh makin love in the bakery

Perhaps you should call in the muffin man(:

ChubbyCake 5

^ Haha

I'm gonna kill a wombat with a chili pepper. try and stop me

wombats are ferocious little buggers I'd like to see you try kill one with a chilli

maybe biscuit boy would be better

he could of called you muff cabbage

sourgirl101 28

Or muff diver.

fakeaccountX 6

"My muffin hasn't had a cherry since 1939."

MissErikaHart 0

cuz I'm lovin with my muffin

Lol I wouldn't take it as an insult. Everyone knows that the muffin tops are the best part of the muffin, therefore you are the best girlfriend no?

Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer:)

'love muffin'? really? he's a man, give him a sexy name. something that's gonna turn him on! not love muffin..

TheOriginalKyrs 0

78 - I know that from somewhere?!?! Where?!?!?!

that's when you say ah touché good sir.. :)

120 - Betty white skit from snl :))

96 - I know that you know what it really means, but even so, reeaaaaalllllyyyyyyy?

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See DocBastard's rule #4.

ChubbyCake 5


caester9 0

Not a real fml, get over it.

caester9 0

Wow some prick moderated my comment, even though it's my own opinion

AlterCreed 0

ydi fatass

I agree. But I found this super hilarious!

beanerboy707 0


dude! I was gonna say that too when I saw her P90x comment! lol. INSANITY!!

fritz2 0

you look like a man, why would anyone want to know about your hair/name.

Someone is having a bad day :(

She doesn't look like a man at all, she's quite cute :)

64 when did they make fml compatible with blind people? (this comment was in offense of 64 please no comments)

everything is bigger in Canada!

KingDingALing 9

Ask him if you can call him "needle dick".

a_girl_i_know 0

now that was mean :(

tuskenboy15 0

no you are redonculous

Fortuitous 0

This FML is rewriting the talking muffin joke.

haven't heard that one?

Fortuitous 0

Okay, Sirin, why was I moderated? I didn't say anything derogatory about the FML! :(

aha YDI how awkward would that be ? 'Hey love muffin !' . . . I know u were trying to be romantic, but. . . Eww .

perdix 29

Maybe you can call him Harvey Whalebanger. Sometimes a plumpa humpa's sense of humor can seem cruel, but hey, fatties like you don't have lots of them to choose from, so suck it up and be glad you've got someone.