By Hashtagfail - 4/8/2021 10:01 - Netherlands


Today, I went outside to feed the hedgehogs who often visit my garden. It was late in the evening and dark outside. I was walking barefoot, when I suddenly stepped on something. It felt soft and splashed apart under my foot. I looked and realized that I had stepped on a slug. FML
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By  pipstixx  |  1

aggghhhh stepping on a slug barefoot is literally the WORST feeling! 🤢🤮🙅‍♀️ wayyyyy worse than it sounds for some reason, there's really nothing else like it. Accidentally stepped on a dead jellyfish once and that was pretty bad too but the slime residue from slugs does not just wipe off! takes a good soapy scrub 😫🧼🚿⚠️