By HatedGrandson - 07/01/2013 00:50 - United States

Today, I visited my grandparents' house. While getting a drink from the fridge, I noticed the Christmas card my family sent them had my face scratched out. When I confronted them about it, they said it was the cat. They don't have a cat. FML
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Something tells me you won't be in the will...

Pee all over the floor..then say it was the cat.


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btstig 11

Why would his parents make the trip just to scratch out his face??

iOceanus 18

8: He, or she, must've misread in his, or her, scramble to be first.

KM96 24

Firstly, I think you meant "grandparents" and secondly your phrase seems rather rude, to be honest. Though I do disagree with their actions.

I believe he was going for a pun. I.E the cat scratched it out = they're too pussy to do it.

I guess we know who they think the black sheep of the family is

I got that his parents are to pussy(pun) to admit to the parents that they had sex in the first place let alone a son.

Something tells me you won't be in the will...

They should've gotten married sooner. They are just an embarrassment to family by not being married with children already!

Referencing an older fml very nice.

Geometric 18

So sorry for you OP, that can't be a nice thing for anybody to find, and it sounds like if you visited them, you at least thought you were on good terms with them until that moment. :(

Ah grandparents... Nope... Yeah just don't like em, maybe they have an alter ego of a cat?

I find that highly unlikely

pinkpixie06 11

They could have put a little more effort into the lie. "The mail carrier did it."

btstig 11

Open a damn dictionary, please!

sugarshane007 20

Don't judge their senility!!! This is why your face is scratched off, for pointing out that damned old reality to em!!!

Either that or OP's grandparents are secretly powerful sorcerers, wanting their grandchild out of the picture. They've probably scratched out OP's face in every oher photo, with their burning desire of his/her death...... (Oh, no one else read that book? I'm going to crawl back into my corner now then.....)

zingline89 18

If I caught my grandson listening to One Direction I'd scratch them out of the picture too.

YOU would be a horrible grandpa then

Umm just gotta ask where does it say op listens to 1d

zingline89 18

19, 34, relax, it's a joke.

Pee all over the floor..then say it was the cat.

Im guessing you wont get anything when they die from their will