By HatedGrandson - United States
Today, I visited my grandparents' house. While getting a drink from the fridge, I noticed the Christmas card my family sent them had my face scratched out. When I confronted them about it, they said it was the cat. They don't have a cat. FML
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  KM96  |  24

Firstly, I think you meant "grandparents" and secondly your phrase seems rather rude, to be honest. Though I do disagree with their actions.

By  Geometric  |  18

So sorry for you OP, that can't be a nice thing for anybody to find, and it sounds like if you visited them, you at least thought you were on good terms with them until that moment. :(


Either that or OP's grandparents are secretly powerful sorcerers, wanting their grandchild out of the picture. They've probably scratched out OP's face in every oher photo, with their burning desire of his/her death...... (Oh, no one else read that book? I'm going to crawl back into my corner now then.....)