Epic prank bro

By Rachel - 20/07/2012 05:13 - United States

Today, I found out my late grandfather left me a significant amount of money in his will. I thought it was weird because he always acted like he hated me. When I got the envelope, there was $500,000 inside, all in Monopoly money. FML
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Haha Your grandfather sounds like a real joker

It seems easy to laugh at that but if that happened to me I'd be crushed...sorry OP


Haha Your grandfather sounds like a real joker

Who says it was a joke? OP will never lose at monopoly again, that's pretty serious business.

I know that is disappointing to you. But he is a boss even after death. He got you just admit it. RIP

Where do you get that much monopoly money?

If it didn't specify Monopoly money in the will (you should check) it could be someone else trying to cheat you, knowing that you weren't expecting much to begin with.

At least no one can beat op at a monopoly game. He can hide the secret stash in his pocket.

98: Most WalMarts sell stacks of replacement Monopoly money. As you can probably imagine, it's pretty cheap. 114: That was my first thought. Hard to say if Gramps was a practical-joking bastard or if maybe there's a thief in your family. Talk to whoever was the executor of his will.

I hate to burst all your bubbles, but this fml is fake. I saw this exact same thing as a rage comic a long time ago, using the same amount of money and everything.

It seems easy to laugh at that but if that happened to me I'd be crushed...sorry OP

My Grandpa didn't leave me anything, if he did this, it would have been epic!

Why would you be crushed? Just think of the real estate that you could invest in, along with 4 high traffic railway stations. And You would never have to worry about going to jail, because you have enough money to bail yourself out a good 10 000 times!!

Well I think it would be funny if I thought my grandpa liked me, but if I didn't think he did, and he pulled something like that, I would just be sad

Wow... I guess he really did hate you.

He's in his grave like 'haha got that S.O.B!'

Hey at least you're going to be rich when you play monopoly! That's a plus from OPs grandfather.

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Haha, hey anyone who can keep a sense of humor after they died is cool in book

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Lol maybe you were just always a real pain in the ass. Or was he just an ass at heart? Lol either way sucks to be you

Haha, that pretty funny. At least you got something.

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What is the exchange rate for monopoly money to USD?

113: Same as the exchange rate for unicorns to leprechauns.

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At least now you can buy a bunch of hotels on Boardwalk

Aww I'm sorry you expected lots of money :c, but you gotta admit that's pretty hilarios

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Hilarious. The word is hilarious.

If there was a cereal named "Hilario's", I would totally eat it. Unless Joker made it.