By sickmom - 21/01/2014 11:07 - United States - New Orleans

Today, I have the flu. I woke up to my son leaning over me, inches from my face, breathing in deeply. Apparently, he was trying to get sick so he could stay home from school. He's 15. FML
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How have you raised your kids..?

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he shoulda stood out in the cold instead

He was trying to find a FLUke in the system.

you should never ask a parent that unless they are doing something really wrong. every kid tries to get sick or fake sick so they don't have to go to school. that has nothing to do with how she raised her children.

I have faked being sick before and my parents are great at parenting. I faked vomiting. XD

Not sure if I would be proud of that one 31.

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Let's be honest, if You've ever been truly sick, you would much rather go to school than suffer from it.

High School sucked. I'd rather stay home with the flu.

A lot of people have wanted to be sick just so they didn't have to go to school. This generally happens when they have not been really sick, like had the flu, in a while and have sort of forgotten how misserable they were. I've done this, and then was rewarded with actually getting the flu and spent the few lucid moments I had for the next week wondering why I was stupid enough to actually want to get the flu.

@3 Doesn't sound so smart to me. It takes a few days for the flu to set in after being exposed to it. Being truly sick is never fun, and will be more painful and stressful ten just dealing what his is putting off.

I'd much rather pretend to be ill or make up some other excuse than actually get ill, and by breathing in another person's germy breath no less - gross! I don't think I could do that if you paid me. Just...ew. For the record, I find the best excuse is a migraine - pretty hard to prove someone hasn't got a migraine and you can recover pretty quickly if you need to.

I'm not sure 52. My parents got my headache face down pretty freaking good. I always learned honesty was the best policy. If I needed a break from school. I explained this, and they understood. No since in skipping, or faking sick.

Must be nice, 68. If I ever tried to tell my parents I "needed a break from school", they'd laugh in my face. Faking sick was all I had!

Afraid I'm with 73. I hate lying but my parents would never have just let me have a day off, even if it was actually detrimental to my schooling to not let me stay home.

This is when having chronic migraine comes in pretty handy. It's pretty easy to get to stay home from school/work. The only downside is, of course, the migraines.

Yea, it was the same for me. If I just told my parents that I didn't feel like going to school they understood. It was pretty much the same thing with the school as well, or at least my teachers, since I'd never lie to them either and they knew it they seemed to respect that when I told them that I didn't come because I didn't feel like it. It was only those that were a bit behind or running a risk of failing a class that they were harsh with.

Seems like a good idea. If your kid has kept their grades up and they don't have any tests or projects due on that day, a free pass for a day sounds like a good reward.

Getting days off was the only reason I did homework in highschool. I found out I could pass with a B average by getting hundreds on all the tests and never touching homework. I decided to never do homework, so my old man made a deal with me. Two weeks of no missing homework was a free day pass. I actually did all my homework the last two years of highschool.

Don't blame the kid for wanting to stay away from school for a while

next time he should sit on a heater vent under a blanket then have you feel his forehead. works every time.

Too bad you blew it by telling OP. Now she knows if her son is faking.

And I think that much cause a fire....... Heat, blanket........ You know

If OP had a fever herself, she won't be able to feel a fever on someone else.

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Make him go to school, he'll need his education. What an idiot.

This guy always has something negative to say.

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No, I've never faked being sick.

There's a difference faking being sick and actually trying to get sick. Obviously op's son has never actually had the flu.

Ah shit i missed today though! I guess my education is down the drain. Im such an idiot :(

Sure, education is important, but he's fifteen. Being home from school for a few days is not the end of the world.

One time I took a laxative and told my mom I had the ***** and couldn't go to school.... Worst day ever.... I learned super quick that was a BAD idea. And I still had to go to school. I came out ok regardless of my dumb teenage ideas. There's hope OP :) lol

make him take some nasty tasting cold/cough syrups. I stopped even telling my mom when I was actually sick because of bubblegum robotussin

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That can't be any worse then Buckley's. That stuff tastes nasty and burns on the way down.

Whoever named that bubblegum must have had really shitty parents if they gave him bubblegum that tastes like that. Shit's nasty...

Nothing's worse than those prescription meds for strep throat they either taste like vomit or are huge pills

Well atleast he didn't do anything even stupider

I don't know....... I think that was pretty high on the list of stupid things to do