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By WTFwhywouldyoudothat - 22/08/2011 22:10 - United Kingdom

Today, my house got broken into. Thankfully, they didn't steal anything. They did, however, move things around into strange places and mess up my underwear. I have severe OCD, so this is probably worse than if they had taken everything. FML
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This might have been possibly done by someone you know. A prank perhaps? Either way sorry to hear :(

The money you didnt use in buying stuff back will have to be used for therapy. Fyl


The money you didnt use in buying stuff back will have to be used for therapy. Fyl

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At least you have something to do this weekend!

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15 that's easy. Consuela... As long as you got lemon pledge...

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I have OCD too and I know how it feels. I would probably kill myself if that happened to me.

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I'd rather have a mess then missing items. try and find out who did it, like someone said it seems like a friend.

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At least you don't smoke weed... this would not work out well for a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

I would rather my things be stolen, then moved around.

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Oh man these comments are killing me. Please guys put the letters in alphabetical order. Please, it's CDO, the letters have to be in order it's only right.

At least they didn't leave you any mixed up skittles or m&m's.... That woulda really sucked....

54, aren't people slack! First they put an 's' in lisp, now they're writing 'OCD' in the wrong order.

hippityhopp 2

That is very dumb because if that was the case every word you wrote or made would have to be in alphabetical order not just OCD...

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For crying out loud 75! I just asked you to please put things in the correct order. Yet you go and write the incorrect version of CDO. Don't my pleas mean anything to you?

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54 I need you from now on to put every word of your sentence in alphabetical order otherwise you're speaking greek to me

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KO 94, I iwll aekm erus ot do ahtt fmor now no. Aaabecihllpt deorr is aimnoprtt :)

rallets 22

"nothing seems to be missing but there is now a lava lamp"

rallets 22

"nothing seems to be taken, however, there appears to be a lava lamp"

97- I'm pretty sure "L" come before "W" and "S" comes before "U"... You failed

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Well if you are 99.99% shure nothing was taken theres nothing to worry about

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I think you know the person who did this. Someone is messing with you.

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You're gonna make my eyes bleed if yoy keep writing like that

Anyone notice the OP's name? Priceless. Also, sucks about your stuff, but at least it's all still there.

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Lol 122, I'm pretty sure I'm not a troll. I'm 100% human. Not an ounce of troll in me. A little goblin maybe but no troll. ;)

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the CDO shit is the stupidest shit I ever heard. so many whiney little brats have "OCD" sometimes you just like things neat. it's not necessarily OCD.

This might have been possibly done by someone you know. A prank perhaps? Either way sorry to hear :(

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Well...I believe Manson's followers did this in houses before they started murdering people. Looks like you're in the clear, but your famous neighbours better watch their backs.

Sorry, this has nothing to do with the FML, but I'm loving your profile picture!! :P

I think it was the gieco gecko..hes very nifty

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did anyone else think of paranormal activity?

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I always had a feeling that the dude from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition broke into houses.

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Ah! I feel your pain. But at least you have your belongings!

they know you so well they did that on purpose.

What the ****. Who would break in and do that? I'm pretty sure you just have friends with humor who played a trick on you :) +1 for your hilarious friends.

Receiving all the hate again. Good job, just thumb me down (y)

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That's mad creepy for them to be messing with your underwear. You might have a stalker who also has OCD.

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OCD or fetish? Who knows, could be both.

Obsessive Compulsive Fetish? .... *leans back away from computer* Not sure if I want....

Obviously someone hates you. Why else mess with someone who has OCD? And KNOWS you have OCD. FYL OP.

Or you've just got nothing worth stealing.

"Wow this guy is poor as shit. **** it, let's rearrange his furniture and underpants drawer."