By beya - / Monday 31 August 2009 22:05 / Canada
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  BrEnNo1023  |  5

IGNORE the ignoramus who feels obligated to quote gangsta rap lines that assert his sexuality. that is the lamest fucking thing. i bet he goes around saying that all the time, as if people will actually respect him more if he continuously tells everybody that he wasn't homosexual. brainwashed retard he is.

  BrEnNo1023  |  5

sprinkle them over oats in the morning, add them to a cheese dip at lunch time, or fry them up with scrambled eggs for dinner. you could even eat them on a pizza with a drizzle of japanese mayonnaise and a bit of shredded bacon.
or just eat them straight up, that's the easiest method. they're great party snacks by themselves.

  Fernmelder  |  0

I know right? he totally should've told his mouth to close before he went to bed or at least recorded himself sleeping just to make sure he was sleeping with an open mouth so he can fix it next time. yeah you totally DI for not checking your mouth while sleeping

  Irefusetosay  |  0

You can't control if you sleep with your mouth open do you think she gets ready for bed every night and says "Hmmm I think today I'll sleep with my mouth closed" And number 11 who records themself sleeping its not a big deal for someone to sleep with their mouth open i mean your mouth opens like once a night while your sleeping

  iluvhugs4  |  0

#120, #11 was clearly being sarcastic. And for all the people who say "sleep with your mouth close!" or "ydi for having your mouth open!" well maybe her mouth was closed, her son could of easly opened her mouth then drop the scabs in. but that is not the point in this FML. the point is that her son was putting scabs in her mouth while sleeping and that it was completly gross.
and that is completly disgusting. i would have been puking if that happened to me.

  insomniacdude  |  0

I know how sarcastic everyone is being right now, but I'd just like to say that it is possible to control if your mouth is open or not. I used to sleep mouth open but would drool all over my pillow, so I sleep with my mouth closed now (or at least I fall asleep with my mouth closed and there's no drool on my pillow anymore). I'm not sure how exactly I did it, I just sort of told myself to do it.

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