By annoyed - 14/12/2011 14:06 - United States

Today, my husband changed the voice on my car's GPS to Mr T's. I don't know how to change it back. I've been saying, "I pity the fool" over and over again ever since. FML
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That's a pretty awesome prank. Kudos to your husband.



madgrinchhatter 12

That sounds pretty cool actually. Not an FML at all.

That's a pretty awesome prank. Kudos to your husband.

Agreed, people need to lighten up:)

I pity the fool who doesn't turn left now.

Your husband is awesome. You're lucky I wish I had a man like that.

I'd consider that a favour rather than a prank! I'd love a Mr. T GPS. Sadly I don't even have a car!

YDI for not thinking that's awesome.

bibbster18 11

I'm def getting this

YDI for seeing an issue with this and being so useless you can't adjust the settings on a GPS device. I mean come on, a child could figure it out.

monkeebalz 0

Russian: Turn left comrade, for mother russia. In soviet russia car drives you!

My GPS has a rasta voice. I love the directions in patois! :-)

TheBitchOfChuckN 7

106-In Soviet Russia, road forks you!

for the win!

rcloca 10

Whoa. That's pretty cool. Just kidding. How rude.

rcloca 10

This was a REALLY suckish comment. Sorry guys.

Steve95401 49

OP should just read the instruction manual - it shouldn't be difficult to change the voice back to the factory setting.

captainsuperdawg 0

True, but why would you want to?

rcloca 10


Capt_Oblivious 10

Mr T giving you direction in life now.

Torva_fml 16

I'm wondering what kid of gps has mr T voice programmed into it. I must buy such a product.


dillies 3 I can't believe I found it :D. Whoop whoop

It could be a TomTom GPS, I have Mr T on mine...

To get revenge, blow him up with the mohawk gernade, the kind Mr. T has. I pity the fool.

rcloca 10


Lol when did wow come to real Life..... On wait

I pity the foo that doesn't turn right ahead!

nublets 12

Im Mr. T and im a night elf Mohawk!!

YourDrunkle 4

Am I missing the FML? Isn't their a site called my life is winning where this would fit better?

No FOOL, you turning the wrong way!

tylersign 11

Uh. I'd be thanking him!

Your profile picture is freakin awesome! I can't wait until spring when the caterpillars come out!

I pity the fool who considers this an FML. I'm off to figure out how I can do that to my gps. ~Cue the A-Team theme music~