By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Darlington
Today, I had the contraceptive implant removed from my arm after having had it in for three years. I was one of the unlucky people whose body sticks to it. It took half an hour to cut and pull a tiny little stick out of my arm. FML
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By  luckylea24  |  7

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  luckylea24  |  7

Baustigt, hi I'm back and being stupid again!! Sorry I misspelled your name earlier it's just really easy to misspell, also glad you know Baughist, he's a funny guy!


Good job being smart and protecting against the most expensive sexually transmitted parasite ever: a baby! (I have 2 kids so take the "parasite" thing as a joke please...)

  downtime  |  12

85, I know, numbing cream makes any pain fade away. That's why they use that now on double bypass patients because they know theres nothing that stops deep tissue pain like a topical cream...

  kyleekay  |  25

Beat me to it, 32. I said almost the exact same thing in response to another useless comment on the recent mid-life crisis FML.

I think I am going to copy and paste that comment for future reference; it seems that I've been needing to use it quite often as of late.

  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

52- He meant that since she was one in a few to have it stick to her (assuming that it's uncommon) then she sound go buy a lottery ticket because it shows she's a person who get the unlikely things. Not a very good joke though.

  Dopehead666  |  21

Agreed. I was definitely NOT warned of this.

  Penguin013  |  2

As long as your doc knows what they're doing you'll be fine. Had mine out 2 years ago w/o any problems. I did go w/ the IUD going forward though, lasts a couple years longer.

  locaaaa  |  4

I only had mine in for 6 months and it fused to me, took almost an hour to take out and scarred. It isn't a matter of simply the dr knowing what they are doing, there was tissue still stuck to it after he took it out, so it was actually attached to my flesh. With most people, they just have to cut a slit in the skin and push it out.

  lysx84  |  24

Mine got stuck, you're numbed when they take it out though, you can feel the doctor pulling at it to release it, it's far from comfortable but it's not painful, more mentally disturbing, lol

  chimocho  |  8

It's not that rare. I know mines done it cause I can feel it. When you get the implant your immune system attacks it and that causes the build up of a capsule around the rod. This essentially 'sticks' to the surrounding tissue so it has to be cut out. It happens an awful lot and you should have been told when you got it done.

  lou_knee  |  6

@tkay94 - How old are you? If the 94 in your username refers to your birth year then you clearly have no-idea what you're talking about. Your mother couldn't have fallen pregnant with an Implanon/Nexplanon rod in because Implanon was first used in Indonesia in 1998, Australia in the early 2000s and USA in 2006. Please don't try to give advice to people on the internet without getting your facts straight first.

  Rebekkah1993  |  10

I feel the same... Although... I have had mine in for under a year... So I still have plenty of time untill it gets removed....but like yous... I'm a tad worried now :/ lol