By Anonymous - 22/06/2016 12:36 - Hungary - Budapest

Today, I had a horrible case of the flu. I have a fever of 102 degrees and I can't breathe through my nose. Choosing to sleep it off turns out to be enough for my mom to call me a lazy fuck and scream at me for doing nothing all day. FML
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Maybe you should "accidentally" pass that flu on. Then she might understand how you feel and decide to shut up.


Honestly, I can't believe you would be so lazy! Back in my day I would go to work uphill both ways, fever or not. YDI.

Sorry, I was trying to use sarcasm but it didn't come across that way. I deserve the downvotes.

I got the joke. I laughed. Take heart, someone else does understand your humor :)

I got it. I had a nice chuckle from it too.

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Nah. I got that sarcasm. There are far too many Sheldons in this world who don't understand sarcasm when they see/hear it.

if all else fails add /s to the end of your comment. it helps others know when you're not trying to be a dick, and for me it's pretty useful because I'm a sarcastic and satirical asswipe.

Maybe you should "accidentally" pass that flu on. Then she might understand how you feel and decide to shut up.

lol I said that too in my comment but I changed it

I agree. Lick every doorknob in the house and use her toothbrush.

Don't forget to give her the same shit she gave you when she's bed ridden!

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But then you would probably become her slave and have to do everything

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Your mom sounds like a self-centered narcissist.

As opposed to those selfless narcissists that insist on caring about others.

It can happen: "Look at how selfless I'm being". Kinda like the stereotype of a Jewish mother.

Yeah, but that's still being self-centered if you play at being selfless so you get attention.

Ignore her OP! Hope you feel better soon..

Feel better soon. And keep her close by if you ever feel the need to vomit.

Let's see how much your mom needs your help when she's the one who's sick.

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Little bit squicked right now because where I'm from a 'lazy ****' is a one night stand..

sylvienoir 18

I know the feeling, when I was younger if I ever had a sick day from school my mom would always tell me to wash up, vacuum and clean the house because I was "lucky enough to have a day off". Never mind the fact I was too sick to even walk further than the bathroom without passing out, let alone clean the whole house. It sucks, but feel better, OP!

heatherrr17 19

What a bitchy mom feel better.