By AshleyRose24 - 23/11/2013 08:02 - United States - Fullerton

Today, I had to have a talk with my stalker. After telling him not to snapchat me, not to text me, and that I'm not interested, all he said was "I think persistence is going to be key here." FML
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I think the police and some jail cell keys may also form a viable solution.

I think a restraining order will be the key here


I think the police and some jail cell keys may also form a viable solution.

I think a restraining order will be the key here

caohm 18

I think emptying a can of pepper spray in his face if he violates that restraining order is also key here

Damian95 16

I think upholding the second amendment and packing some heat in case he gets dangerous (as stalkers do) is the key here.

martin8337 35

R O 's generally don't work. A 22 or a 45 will usually do the trick.

Just be happy you guys get the choice to carry... Alot of countries take notes from Nazi Germany in regards to gun control.

I think pooping on him would also be key here.

59, you don't know, the stalker might be into that... Plus I'm pretty sure OP doesn't want to get THAT close.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

59- That might be just what he wants.

54- While firearm _posession_ is allowed to adults under usual circumstances, the vast majority of people in "Nazi" Germany (and many other countries not just in Europe) agree to disallow unnecessary firearm _carriage_ for the involved risks and disadvantages. Particularily, the occupying forces in the aftermath of World War II influenced German firearm legislation (and many other German laws) heavily. Even if someone is allowed to carry one, she mustn't use it (that may include pointing it at someone) execpt if necessary to fend of a serious and immediate attack on someones life, freedom or health. Stalkers usually harass people (even to extreme extents) but rarely attack the former. I bugs me that some people, depending on the topic, either call contemporary Germany "Nazi" (firearm laws, market regulation) or "Commie" (mandatory social insurance, market regulation, public infrastructure). I get that both National Socialism in the Third Reich and Stalinist and Maoist Communism were fascist, but you still need a strong reality distortion field to equate them with another – especially since they were ideological enemies.

Just block him on all of those numbers, if he keeps at it you have every right to call the police

missnovocaine 14

Why is it that no one understands the concept of "no" anymore?

No is in fact a very complicated word, requiring just the right amount of n to o ratio in order to get right. Either that or the guy's crazy, but I'm leaving towards the former.

red225 14

Remember...50 Nos and a yes means yes

Maybe you could take it as a compliment? **** that, call the 5-0

Actions speak louder than words. What kind of person puts you in such a creepy position? The kind that needs to be publicly humiliated to get the idea. Perhaps even physically assaulted. Not suggesting anything, just saying that deliberate action needs to be taken with these kinda people.

Proper planning doesn't require flawless execution. Not sure why everyone coddles these situations. Yeah, a fancy legal paper is gonna stop a lunatic. Dream on, deal with these people like they deserve.

That's like walking in on a burglar mid heist, beating the shit out of him, then having him turn around and charging you with assault. Violence is never the answer, it only begets more violence.

Jordan_OL 10

He could charge you with assault, but you could easily plead self-defence and probably win. That was a bad analogy.

Nope, in 'Murica the thief would win, sadly.

perdix 29

And here's what he heard: "Don't stalk me electronically -- hang out in front of my house instead. If you do this well enough, I might become interested in you. Persistence is key."

"Don't forget to hold a radio over your head"

While standing in her window breathing heavily...

Try having a talk with the police instead.

I think he needs a night in jail with the big boys to find out what being harassed really feels like. Hope the creep eventually leaves you alone OP!

That's when you tell him your boyfriend has a black belt and can kick his ass.

shawnaishere 14

Considering he's a stalker,he probably knows op doesn't have a boyfriend with a black belt.

That's not even intimidating. It'd be much better to say he's in the slammer and getting out soon.