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Today, I learned that chivalry truly is dead when a seemingly fit man pushed me into a door to get a seat on the train before me. My leg is in a cast. FML
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I woulda just kicked him in the back of the head with my good leg if I were you.

ArmedcrackerR6 8

you didn't know it was every man for himself?


Cobra731 0

I woulda just kicked him in the back of the head with my good leg if I were you.

ImThePope 2

OP, I'm sorry but this isn't medieval times, there are those people who have the white knight syndrome, but very few guys actually do chivalrous actions, such as opening a car door for a lady.

ImaWiseGuy 5

chivalry isn't dead, it just seems that way when douche bags "like the guy who pushed you" are contaminating the earth!!!!

women should only be allowed to leave the house with a male escort. they should not be able to vote or have any rights. but female sports should continue, everyone needs a good laugh every once and a while.

21. there were cars in medieval times!

Princev is merely listing some of the other aspects of society which accompanied chivalry. it wasn't really for the benefit of the woman, you know.

rallets 22

#46 that sounds naughty :P

imacreeper 3

well, that's one less person to sign your cast.

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who the **** let you out of the house and who the **** do you think you are talking like that? I hope I SOMEWHERE missed some sarcasm but I don't think I did.

rallets 22

you go girl!! get him!! ****** pigs!!

RedPillSucks 31

Equality doesnt mean the death of common courtesy.

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that was for #26. Sorry!!

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Speaking of douches contaminating the Earth, here we have #29. As a fellow male, you make us soo proud. (serious sarcasm injected there)

3, wouldn't you fall off balance if you used your good leg to kick someone..?

am I the only girl who finds jokes discriminating women funny?

RedPillSucks 31

@35. In medieval times cars were called by their full name. Carriages.

A7X_LoVeee 10

29 just trolled all of you.

59--- We will act like medieval gentlemen and all we ask in return is that you at least try to act like a lady; this means you shouldn't run a dirty mouth like that; it's not very lady like.

ckyorelse 18

we thought you wanted to be treated as equals. our bad. we can go back to the way it was if you really want... (/sarcasm)

WompWompWomp123 7

male or female, no one should push anyone with a cast into a door just to get their lazy ass in a seat.

zakkyzebra 11

59, considering XML is a website he's probably not "out of the house." You're just fulfilling the "women are stupid" stereotype just by living. So many things you have failed to notice, like sarcasm, just makes you pathetic. You're ruining your gender's reputation. Just stop.

i like how whenever one rude guy appears all feminists starting screaming that chivalry is dead... it makes us guys that still do hold open doors for people and everything like that not want to because you're so judgmental if you're not always on a pedestal.

Kn0wledge123 21

Chivalry isn't dead. That guy is just a douche.

127 is right. You know, I try really hard to please the girls I care for, and then they go, "All guys are douche bags" and forget that I'm trying to show them how much I care. And then they start dating a random douchebag that is "cute" but all he wants is sex. And men are supposed to be the shallow ones pffffft

127 is right. You know, I try really hard to please the girls I care for, and then they go, "All guys are douche bags" and forget that I'm trying to show them how much I care. And then they start dating a random douchebag that is "cute" but all he wants is sex. And men are supposed to be the shallow ones pffffft

Well, there you have it. The above comments are the reason chivalry, or even civility is dead. It wasn't wanted, it wasn't needed, it wasn't required, and seems like the majority on both sides agree. So now.... do without it. No sarcasm (this time), just fact.

I feel sorry for guys, I really do. On one hand, feminists complain that they want to be treated equally, and on the other hand they bitch and moan when they aren't treated as though they're incapable of opening doors. Like everyone keeps trying to tell the women that are yelling "sexist", chivalry doesn't stem from guys being "nice", it stems from sexism and the belief that women are like children that need to be taken care of. And yeah, most of you got trolled by 29.

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Awwhh!That sucks. All guys of our generation are so pathetic sometimes. I mean they cant even hold open a door. OP, I feel for you as chivalry really is dead.

chivalry isn't dead there are just a whole lot more asswipes and douchebags

so true... they just don't seem to understand the problems they address themselves. Instead becoming a partner in bf-gf relationship they puts us as "really good friends"... where we (boys) can't do anything else but be the girl's "jester". I can't believe this... this outrage!

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

not all girls are like that! D:

people who use the word chivelary are stupid and usualy say it just to look smart and it pisses me off.

How do you incorrectly spell 'chivalry' when the word is right there?

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just cuz ur chivalrous and caring, doesnt mean a girl is just guna come running into your arms, and if ur just "really good friends" thats your own fault.

girls are bitches, there I said it my reasoning is when ever I hold doors open for them they never even say thank you, what are you so stuck up you can't say thank you?

Translation of blaherman's comment: "I'm going to generalize a whole gender because I've had a few bad experiences!"

Summation of fml by citrusgirl's logic: I'm going to generalize a whole gender from ONE bad experience. I, for one try to be chivalrous at most times.

I say thank you if anyone holds the door open for me. Oh and those of you preaching the equal rights shit, you can hold the door open because I'm pretty and female and you want to **** me. That doesn't mean I'll **** you OR that you'll be paid any more than I am, but you can hold the ******* door. If you don't, you never had a chance.

I don't necessarily believe in chivalry. I believe anyone should hold open the doors. If I am in front of a group of people, I hold open the doors. Especially the elderly. If someone holds the door for me, I always say thank you. It's just common courtesy!

Chivalry isnt dead, but women are sure as hell killing it with their all their feminist garbage.

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you didn't know it was every man for himself?

denbeste 3

Agreed. OP shoud stop whining like a new born kid. Grow up, OP.

denbeste 3

moderated? Sure! that makes perfect sense... /sarcasm

denbeste 3

who is on their PMS rampage and deleting my comments? Talk to me, if you dare!

hahaha free for all deathmatch >:)

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You're absolutely right OP.... chivalry and respect for each other sadly has been dead for a while. There are a few instances where I have seen and/or experienced a little southern hospitality but for the most part, it's basically non existent. Quite sad we've gotten to this stage.

heybowchick 0

To all of you saying that holding a door open for women is sexist, its not. It is the courteous thing to do whether you are a man holding the door for a woman or you are a woman holding a door for a man.

I rarely see a woman hold a door open for a man, only when they're holding something or are handicapped

agreed this goes back to the argument that some women want equal treatment and special treatment when it benefits them

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

184- key word: SOME. I'm not like that, and I'm sure a lot of other girls aren't either :P

184- I'm a very traditional woman. I believe the man is the head of the house and out of respect the woman is at his side. my husband always opens my door for me.

Sorry, Spanika87, but it sounds like you're experiencing voluntary oppression. I mean, "head of the house"? What does that really mean, anyway? That he has the final say in everything, and you just obey? If so, count me out. I can open my own door.

DaveP: I don't see it very often, either. But, as a woman myself, I do hold doors open for people (men and women) out of just plain common courtesy. I think that's what's dying. :(

I always hold the door for the person after me. Doesn't matter if it's a man or woman. Only reason for me not to hold a door is if I don't notice them. Not pushing somebody into a door with or without cast has nothing to do with chivalry it's acting like a decent human being.

Exactly. You don't see me slamming doors into ladies with baby strollers do you?

snowdrift 6

wait, I'm not sure here. was your leg already in a cast or did he put it in one?

At first I thought he put it in one, but I'm re-reading it and now I'm pretty sure it was already in a cast. What an inconsiderate person; but, what else is new?

yeah cause women are just wonderful nowadays, men are ignorsnt pigs and should be flayed until they obey and treat women lile godesses. what he did has nothing to do with chivalry... its not because youre a womanthat he did it. why the **** does it always relate back to sexism. boo hoo.

why are all these "he's an asshole!" comments getting thumbed down? he is an asshole, no one should ever randomly push anyone into a door, whether it's a man or woman.

I agree...more so if they are in a cast!

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unless he was carrying a cooler with his penis in it going to the hospital he's a huge asshole

then all he would have is his asshole. haha

this reminds me of the other fml where the boyfriend goes "who's chivalry" after his gf asked him "had chivalry died" while opening the door for him

Society isn't what it used to be. Don't go around expecting men to hold doors open for you everywhere you go. Then again, I wouldn't expect them to push you into doors... while you have a cast on. FYL.

The thing is though that some women feel men are being sexist when they hold doors open etc., because apparently it implies women can't do it themselves. I think it's strange but that's how some of them feel. Giving a seat to someone in a cast has nothing to do with chivalry, it's common curtsey.

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those women need to get over themselves

68-- I disagree. Chivalry did not start because men felt women were too weak to hold open doors for themselves. While it's true that chivalry and sexism existed in the same time period, one did not cause the other. chivalry has it's roots in code of medieval knights, and while sexism was rampant at the time, sexism did not cause chivalry. Feminist that think that are simply stupid.

RedPillSucks 31

Not holding the door open, is one thing. Pushing someone with a cast into the door so you can get the seat first is on a whole other level

Maybe the man just "playfully nudged" OP and she fell because she was unable to support her weight due to already being in a cast. Maybe OP is just over exaggerating. Here in NY, it's the law to give the seats to elderly or disabled.

Either way, chivalry is just sexism, only their doing kind things, sexism is chivalry in a rude way. For example, and man should pay at dinner because he's the guy. Chivalry or sexism? A man gets paid more at a particular job because he's the man. Chivalry or sexism? This is just my opinion...

ucofresh 4

Whoever thinks kind acts are forms of sexism is just plain ignorant. This is just another reason why people are afraid to do anything or say anything nowadays. There's always someone screaming about their "rights" being violated or infringed upon. Sheesh... give me a freakin break. Get over it already. Say thank you and go about your merry way. If people aren't hollering racism or sexism or this or that then they're trying to sue someone. Just gotta wonder.. where did it all go wrong.....

Either way, I can't see you getting laid.

My boyfriend and I split everything or take turns. Not because I believe it's sexist but because I don't want to force him to pay for everything.

cldean24 4

154, you're doing it wrong -_-

I think there is no such thing as chivalry, just random acts of kindness. It sucks when a person won't hold a door open for, let's say a black man, and then they're "racist", but if they do the same to a white man, they're just rude, not racist. Same for men and women and all that other stuff. I guess that's just the way society is. Like with the word retard; it never used to be an insult, but people kept using it that way, and now when somebody says retard, everyone else thinks of it an a negative way. Society made it the way it is now. I'm pretty sure my example relates to my comment, but I'm kind of a slow thinker and get lost in thought easily, so if it isn't, then forgive me and think up an example of your own that has more relativity, thanks.

lalalady, after reading many of your comments on recent FML's, I have yet to conclude whether your are a troll or simply dislikable. When I figure that out, I'll inform you.

Calm down. Maybe he was just agrivating you? I thought we were having a nice conversation, I didn't look at it as an argument, and I don't look at you as a troll.

Don't worry, it is difficult... I know.

lakeybalboa 0

how many feminists does it take to change a lightbulb? feminists cant change anything

too much writing. exchange emails and leave Fml alone

154 I love your dp :D your cat is cute :)

Men getting paid more has nothing to do with Chivalry you ignorant twat.

Did they change "leg hurts" to "in a cast" or am I hallucinating?