By fecal romance - 23/11/2013 10:32 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I swallowed and nearly choked to death on the ring my boyfriend hid in my wine glass. It's still in me somewhere, and my doctor basically told me that I'll have to "keep an eye on things" if I want to find it. FML
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"we put glitter in our food so our shit twinkle like diamonds! I'm rich bitch!" -Dave Chapelle

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Well that sounds like a shitty situation.

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^^^ NO. BAD 135 *squirts with water bottle*

Well, at least you turned yourself in. Because you were honest, we'll let you decide. So, what'll it be? Hanging? Firing squad? The chair?

Make him swallow a superbowl ring as punishment. Fits the crime and the Fml.

"Derp, I hope you mean 'ex-doctor'"! Was that what you were anticipating, #3?

mbusey 20

Well, she didn't say fiance, but she also didn't say ex...

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Well I guess they may rather wait for the ring. Makes things seem more official maybe?

What also counts is how badly she choked on it. The more she choked on it the bigger the diamond. "YOU BARELY EVEN CHOKED ME TO DEATH WITH THAT RING! YOU'RE SO CHEAP!"

But it was her ability to "swallow" so easily why she got the ring in the first place. :P

This is why I don't like the idea of people proposing by putting the ring in food or drinks

Agreed. My dad did it for my mom and she didn't swallow it so it must be in the timing (ie when it is visible).

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how do you miss hard metal and a diamond in your food?

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I would prefer to miss it rather than breaking a tooth on it

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It was probably red wine if she didn't see it, in that case it was a stupid idea on your boyfriends part OP

If you aren't expecting something to be in your glass of wine it would be very easy to do...

Assuming it was a proposal, did you say yes or are you waiting until it comes out? That truly does suck though and I wish you the best.

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Who does the "ring in wine" anymore? The only thing exciting about this proposal is you now having to search your poop everyday until you find your ring.

there's a lot of pressure and anxiety involved when guys (and girls) decide to ask their SO to marry them. All the movies and romantic expectations that we see so often have made a hard question all the more difficult. Of course we all want it to be special and people have different ideas on what would make the event special and unique. A ring in food/drink may be cliché, but it's also a classic.

OP, seems you have a heart of gold, and now, entrails of diamond.