By Evaki1 - 13/06/2011 14:24 - Greece

Today, I had to explain to my little brother that my tampons weren't ear plugs. FML
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rebekahah 7

maybe he just discovered the best earplugs in the world, we may never know because no one else would stick tampons in their ears...

futtbuck101 1

At least he wasn't using them as butt plugs


LunaNstars 0

it's not ew unless they were used

"fine, I'll get my own pack of pompoms"

Idonebeenhad 17

when I was little, I used to think they were mini pillows

#35, my brother once stuck my pad across his mouth like duct tape in movies, so I switched to tampons. he stuck those up his nose. he's 9.

35- Yeah, I was going to say if he was really young I could understand, but if he's approaching teenage years then that could prove to be a problem.

shortie916 0


How is this an fml? smh, nancies these days

SunshineBoy21 0

Exactly how big are your brother's ears that tampons fit in them? ;)

mattmadden 0

They can be used as ear plugs. In Final Destination 5 a mom gave them to her kids at a race track. It looked like they fit pretty well! :)

agaba 0

thats what i was thinking when i first read this. and it would be evemore nasty if it was used. and hi scott

its not ew, its kinda funny...

athena3100 9

#119. There are different sized tampons. Some large, Some small.

Dixie19 0

#120 there's only 4 Final Destinations...

I used to use tampons to stop my nose bleeds and may i add very effective!

seriouslythat 6

155 thats what i was thinking

158- there's no 155 above you though..

hthelittleone 10

HOLY SH*T HE FOUND A TAMPON?!?! really? it's not some giant embarrassment or anything. every girl has them so i don't get why everyone makes it a huge deal.

rebekahah 7

I remember once I found where my mom kept them. I thought they were dead mice shoved up in the applicator thingy. I freed most of them before she found me. you do funny things when you're three. :D also to those people who say they won't fit in your ear, they do.

dillies 3

atleast he didnt use them for nose bleeds

so.. op, why is your life ****** because of this?

Key_Of_Awesome 1


He shouldn't have access to them in the first place.

BigHoshJosh 0

maybe you should have shut up in the first place

dvdp112 0

gun shot and stab wounds too.. j/s

gabbygirll3 0


Maybe that didn't make any sense in the first place.

BigHoshJosh 0

not supposed to. that's why I said it

I'm a retard, that's why I said it.* There you go retard, fixed it up for you.

BigHoshJosh 0

it's ra-tard sir....

BigHoshJosh 0

it's a satchel.

44- Subject change.

well my tampons/pads are in the bottom drawer in the bathroom. My mom's are closer to the floor. any child could get them, but my little sister has been told not to mess with the products inside.

futtbuck101 1

Thanks for the info 66

xxsarahfxx 6

66 - thank you for telling me where you feminine stuff are, i'll be sure to look some time ;)

Probably because they are still made to absorb liquids :/

Oh look, a bug in the app...

athena3100 9

Like all the girls in my house we just leave the tampon box on the bathroom counter so they are always easy to get to. But my dad is the only guy in the house....

um most girls just leave them in a drawer, cabinet or on a shelf near the toilet, at least I do....they are put in an accessible location for a reason...

My sister leaves her's scattered on the floor. She's very disorganized.

74 & 75 Your welcome ;) but really dudes make a huge deal out of feminine products. Their really not a big deal!

Well shit. I've never found a tampon. Seems like a personal thing you'd want to keep away from accessible locations to other family members. Judging by the votes here you women are really grouchy about keeping your stuff to yourselves.

I mean if it happens by accident. what are we going to do, keep them locked up in safes to protect the innocence of your eyes? now if I found a random one (packaged) lying on the ground I'd we werided out but say if they fell out of someones bag (which thankfully never happened to me!) that would be stupid to make a big deal out of.

1215116a 14

He could have went through the bathroom cabinets, i mean four year olds explore everywhere. It's not like they'll burn his eyes to see.

Key_Of_Awesome 1

so true!

A little boy finding a box of tampons is like a little girl finding a box of condoms. You don't have to hide anything, just keep your things to yourselves.

haha hangover quote. anybody who disliked is a ra-tard

It's not a big deal

Bekeliyr 10

Why would a comment like #2 be blocked?

Because sand-in-their-****** women can't stand the thought of something they do naturally being wrong. :) But if a little girl finds a guy's box of condoms next to her toothbrush in the cabinet, that guy would be an idiot.

1215116a 14

Why is having a period wrong?

Tampons aren't inherently sexual, condoms are there's your difference.

they both make contact with genitals and are both used to control a part of the reproductive cycle/system

he had to learn somehow

randiZ25 0

He actually is resourceful, he didn't want to have to listen to his sisters mouth anymore so he used the most convenient thing for ear plugs...

I bet that talk was fun...

I think it went like this "hey bro you're filling the wrong hole with that. you needs go lower" ;)

I think it went like this "hey bro you're filling the wrong hole with that. you needa go lower" ;)

Time to have a family intervention...

futtbuck101 1

At least he wasn't using them as butt plugs

Shit, I think I've been putting mine in the wrong hole...

21 I don't even want to know what you use as a tampon.

BigHoshJosh 0

I thought 23's comment was pretty funny.

42 we both messe up on reply to 22's comment. :(

Shit it keeps changing.

rebekahah 7

maybe he just discovered the best earplugs in the world, we may never know because no one else would stick tampons in their ears...

ditzy1992 5

you could try it out in public and write us a blog about it...

I agree. next time I go shooting I will try tampons in my ears.

KRS_13 0

i agree. and btw i like ur pic i love ur hair! lol

rebekahah 7

here I'll try it right now. I'm trying it two ways. one is using the applicator, the other just sticking the tampon part in. here goes! applicator: too big. tampon: kinda works, it's like being underwater.

Final Destination 4

imnotcraZ 0

that's what I said!

That's what she said.

I've don't that actually :D works great

What are they then?

A7X_LoVeee 10

For nosebleeds

iLove2LoveU 0

haha She's the Man

franticravyn 7

Or I Love You, Beth Cooper.

bezach 0

12 "my tampons" cause it isn't shoved in it's not your problem :P like garbage and sex!

Well the function of covering up a hole still remains so why not?

A tampon isn't used to cover the Vagina so that you can't put your penis into it. Its intended to absorb liquids.