By whatarethisss - 29/01/2016 16:20 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, I had to teach my 16-year-old brother how to use a toaster. He thought you just plug it in and wait for it to "pre-heat." FML
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Just don't tell him to put a fork in it.

He might be defective. Return him to Walmart. Pretty sure they'll give you a refund


Just don't tell him to put a fork in it.

Or maybe you should, for the sake of humanity

It seems people are so glued to their phones these days that they are completely clueless about every other thing in life; even the simplest of things.

Yes, because phones is the real problem here.

Mathalamus 24

or... maybe he just never needed to use the toaster before? i would have trouble uhsing somethign i never used before. and i'm almost 25.

cprad11 12

While I agree that phones can be very distracting, you can't assume that OP's brother didn't know toaster mechanics due to his phone.

Ever since I got my phone, I suddenly lost the ability to do anything. I'm now stuck in my room, because I don't know how to open the door. Send help.

deathstroke990 22

ok but like,,, he's 17 ,,,,,, he was raised before people were on cellphones all the time,,,,,,,,,,

Actually my phone has at least helped me find information out, so quite useful. Didn't really need it for a toaster but yeah..

if he was so glued to his phone he would have known he could just Google how to use the toaster

leogachi 15

@26 He's 16 and he's probably seen people glued to their phones for most of his life.

No wonder they wouldn't take back my toaster at wal-mart when I said it wouldn't pre-heat properly.

Geckosrock99 33

This is what happens when parents spoil their kid too much (or choose them as the favorite if multiple kids are involved). They get an unrealistic view of how things work and are generally ignorant of things normal kids their age already know. That's not including attitude problems, as that wasn't mentioned in the FML.

So spoiled kids automatically don't know how to use a toaster?

corky1992 33

Not the kids whose parents literally do everything for them. My sister had a friend who barely knew how to work the microwave because her mom literally did everything for's sad.

#18. No it does not, but a child raised to be self-sufficient would know. His parents failed him. I see this all the time in new soldiers. They don't know how to do their own laundry or cook. They don't know how to balance their check book, or how a loan to buy a car works. Her brother is 16 he shouldn't need any more rearing, he should be able to take care of himself.

Geckosrock99 33

So #31 and #34 were the only ones who knew what I meant? Go figure. I thought it was pretty obvious what I was trying to say.

The fact that your son is 16 and does not know how to use a toaster is very reflective of your parenting skills. My parents taught me at age four. YDI.

OP is not the boy's parent, OP is his sibling.

Op's brother is their son?! What a plot twist! Those must be awkward family reunions though...

Nice try. Next time actually read the fml

Just make sure he doesn't get his dick stuck in the toaster

Or make sure he does. Keep the stupid from reproducing.

He might be defective. Return him to Walmart. Pretty sure they'll give you a refund

Or at the very least a store credit, though their quality seems to be lacking these days so I'm not sure you'd want another from their stock.

andrmac 25

Well mommy has always made the toast for him before how should he know how to use one?

Aliens are disappointed in us because of your brother OP.