By ditsy - / Thursday 15 July 2010 09:17 / United States
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  OzzyTheGiant  |  14

that may be so, but I honestly think she did not deserve it. Its not like she wasnt trying to be herself; she just wanted to make the guy admire her. She would have deserved it if she was trying to show off to a crowd just to get attention


Today, I went out on a date with a girl. Everything was going well until I shared how my family was affected by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. She immediately got up and left, calling me a liar. Apparently, I'm "too cute" to be of Haitian descent. What the hell? FML

By Kn0wledge123 - / Wednesday 26 June 2013 05:27 / United States - Miami

Today, I walked into my brother's house to see him unshaven and still in pyjamas eating ice-cream straight from the tub. I said jokingly, "You're lucky you have your wife, no one else could love you." His wife had just told him she was leaving him for her orthodontist. FML

By FootInMouth - / Thursday 1 October 2009 13:19 / Australia
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