By ditsy - 15/07/2010 09:17 - United States

Today, I was on webcam for the first time with a guy I've been texting for a while. Trying to show off my guitar skills, I lean down to pick it up and fell on my face. FML
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Every FML which says 'trying to show off' is immediately a YDI.

wow that sux! but its only on the cam so no biggie


wow that sux! but its only on the cam so no biggie

shit like that happens to me all the time, so what?

lol I've done "worse" things on a cam XD

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Oh no, the embarrasment. -_-

Agreed not that big of a deal. More proof that we need a "Who Cares?" button.

hahah that happened to me one time when I was playing at a concert, I still have a scar just below my lip

If he really likes you, he'll think it's cute :)

^ What? And we almost have the same b-day.

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#14 Are you a chat roulette masturbator? O god..

aha, 40 - I do that all the time.. thought i was the only one..

you don't stage dive if there's no audience dumbass op.

lol I'd be super embarrassed, but it would give the both of us something to laugh about ^_^ or at least that's what I would do..

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ydi because maybe he didnt even want to see your skills

I don't know about you other guys but I don't find girls anymore attractive then they are when they play a guitar.

I agree with 25. Not a good fml.

I have played my banjo on chatroulette. I play a different tune for every person. except those damn dicks.

you deserve ot for starting out in past tense and ending in present. I hate you.

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number 14s hawt

At least you didn't fart.

I can tell OP is like 40

Or a "Quit Whining" Button.

you must be a pretty clumsy person to pull that off...

Agreed lol. How can you fall on your face by simply trying to pick up a guitar??

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chat roulette ftw

showin off yer 'g' string haha

lol #53 soooooo win

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apparently, picking up a guitar counts as skills.

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fail. epic fail.

i would have laughed at myself & gotten over it, who cares!?

69- Thats something that pretty people can do. If an ugly person did that it would just be sad. Maybe OP is uggo!!

Every FML which says 'trying to show off' is immediately a YDI.

Agreed. Every FML with "trying to____" anything is an automatic YDI.

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justsayfuck you are THE ugliest THING I have ever seen!!!! you're disgusting!!!

#65 She clearly isn't at all ugly and disgusting as you suggest. Don't go around bashing other peoples' appearance just to make yourself feel superior.

that may be so, but I honestly think she did not deserve it. Its not like she wasnt trying to be herself; she just wanted to make the guy admire her. She would have deserved it if she was trying to show off to a crowd just to get attention

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somebody should make a website because some fmls are not fmls they are dumb

4 - I def agree! lol! And just HOW does someone drop something on their face when they picked it up??? Did it fall 'up'?? :-/

Haha, well no the OP said she wanted to pick up her guitar (which was apparantely on the ground) and by leaning over she fell on her face :)

YDI for trying to show off. [edit: damn, justsayfuck beat me to it.]

also...I play guitar and own two...I have NEVER 'dropped' a guitar on anything. Let alone my FACE! lol

it's says SHE fell on her face. I thought it said it on on her face too lol

That's not bad at all. Nothing to sit there and be embarrassed about. Clumsy girls are the best.

Cyrus00 41

Until they accidentally knee you in the nuts.

At least you can play guitar. That makes up for half of the fail :)

15 - Amber, no need to be rude. If you read the comments...I'm not the only one who thought this. :-)