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Today, at work, I dropped two bottles of wine on the floor. Unbelievably, they both didn't break. That, however, did not stop my boss from taking a few points away on my evaluation. My $3 raise is now reduced to $0.25. FML
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OP here! Just a follow up on what happened. Yesterday, about 2 weeks after the initial incident my regional manager came in. After explaining the situation and having them check my records(tardiness, productivity, etc.), he also was flabbergasted as to how I wasn't able to get the raise I deserved. He then dragged my boss off into his office to have a very stern conversation with my boss, he then announced to the whole staff that my boss would no longer be working at our store, and we'd have a new one transferring in very soon. I was overjoyed. But, not as much as when my RM pulled me off to the side again and told me that instead of getting the regular $3 raise, they'd triple it instead. I got a raise of about $10 which still keeps a bright smile on my face even while I write this. Thank you for all the comments! Although, I'm not sure why most of you thought I was female. :p
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#32, while I agree that it's wrong to make assumptions, people will most likely automatically think that the boss is a man due to the fact that women are rarely in positions of power within working environments.