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Today, at work, I dropped two bottles of wine on the floor. Unbelievably, they both didn't break. That, however, did not stop my boss from taking a few points away on my evaluation. My $3 raise is now reduced to $0.25. FML
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OP here! Just a follow up on what happened. Yesterday, about 2 weeks after the initial incident my regional manager came in. After explaining the situation and having them check my records(tardiness, productivity, etc.), he also was flabbergasted as to how I wasn't able to get the raise I deserved. He then dragged my boss off into his office to have a very stern conversation with my boss, he then announced to the whole staff that my boss would no longer be working at our store, and we'd have a new one transferring in very soon. I was overjoyed. But, not as much as when my RM pulled me off to the side again and told me that instead of getting the regular $3 raise, they'd triple it instead. I got a raise of about $10 which still keeps a bright smile on my face even while I write this. Thank you for all the comments! Although, I'm not sure why most of you thought I was female. :p

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Oh what a jerk ! Seems like he only needed a reason .Cheap man.

Well on the bright side he didn't dock you any pay. Either way it's absurd.


Well on the bright side he didn't dock you any pay. Either way it's absurd.

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If she's full time, he docked her $110.00 per week.

#20 What I think #1 is trying to say is OP isn't making any less than they did before

Oh what a jerk ! Seems like he only needed a reason .Cheap man.

It does not say anywhere that boss was a man. you man hater

#32, while I agree that it's wrong to make assumptions, people will most likely automatically think that the boss is a man due to the fact that women are rarely in positions of power within working environments.

Wow because accidentally dropping something makes you unworthy of a raise. That's crazy. Hope you find a better job.

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Well that escalated quickly..

Your boss is a dick. Is there anyway you can talk to his supervisor about the situation?

I dont think you know what a boss is do you

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There could be possibly someone higher then OPs boss or an HR person.

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If it's a family owned restaurant he may be the highest person in charge. Though, I would still try and figure out a way to get the raise you deserve.

OP could talk to the store owner, the franchisee, or someone in corporate, #16

That's a really dumb reason to take away a raise, everyone accidentally drops things from time to time

Was this comment even necessary?

Potatoes are ALWAYS necessary.

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#8 no, your comment wasn't necessary at all.

At least you didn't have to clean anything up

I think she'd prefer to clean something up as opposed to losing a $3 raise.

they will look for anything to lower your raises

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that's extra booze money for you crappy boss