Wankers of the world unite!

By ari - 19/03/2012 05:49 - United States

Today, I found out why teenage boys have "Keep out" and "Please knock" signs on their bedroom doors. FML
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Did you not see the "hardcore ****" FML from earlier? :P


Trying to get first comment? You got it, but it's not a good one by just saying "Lol"

n_epic_fail 14

What's with all these mom/sex FML's

monkeysareyummy 0

*mom opens door* "what in the name of Holy shit are you doing???" "Uhhh... Cramp?"

nublets 12

He was just trying to make the worlds first **** orchestra!

Idonebeenhad 17

Please knock -.- .... Believe it or not, we're not always doing things like that, but some privacy is nice. I assume you enjoy your own privacy, right?

That's why I have a welcome mat. Giggity

afunnyterdcody 5

Haha that is ****** hilariouse

You have a welcome mat so that your mom can accidentally come in and find you jacking it? Wow same here bro

DillonMidge03 3

What's hilarious is your grammar lmao

straightxedge74 0

What's hilarious is how much of a tool you are.

Yeah it's annoying having people barge into your room, even if your not doing something this private... Families need boundaries to.

Interesting how OP never stated exactly what she found out, but everybody knows.

Giggles12 1

Hahah u spelled ******* and hilarious wrong

my parents still don't know the meaning of the word 'privacy', and i'm 21.

iykwim1220 1

Have you been finding some crusty socks and towels?!

my family walks in while im in the shower or using the bathroom at all.. if the doors locked they jimmy it open

I read that's right in meowth's voice for some reason, like when he goes meowth that's right.

Mine says " No trespassing- bookstore will be shot, survivors will be shot again" yep... No one walked in on me yet!

DAMN AUTOCORRECT * violators... I have no clue why that happened?

TheElderTROLLZ 15

I ******' died laughing at "Bookstore will be shot."

MatheusRajuidas 5

You better at least knock next time. Or tell him to lock his door if he can.


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MatheusRajuidas 5

#62, YDI for being moderated.

Y to lock it, where are your manners to knock!! However i bet that OP kid didnt have nob with lock...

No, but I bet he has a highly polished one.

shihtzupup98 3

LOL!!!!! thanks for makin my day 100

mikesvodka 1

I have officially lost IQ points reading that comment....my god

Did you not see the "hardcore ****" FML from earlier? :P

What if this is the parents side of it ? :o

Anyone else went back to read the FML about hardcore ****?

It's 2014 now.. I didn't get to read the FML about the hardcore ****. :(

ABANDON ALL HOPE, YE WHO ENTER HERE! I thought everyone knew that? Evidently not. YDI for not reading the warnings. They're more than decoration. -.-

Guys, there's no menu button on my tablet, so I can only type responds. It updated to the honeycomb version, just to let you know.

DaKillaMafia 2

All I have on my door is a US flag patch that the military uses.

There's a British Version of that, you know, the one your guys keep 'accidentally' shooting at.......

All I have on my door is a couple of knife marks from when a friend was demonstrating how his stabbing and slashing techniques were unbeatable.


I don't have a door :/ I have a couch

I don't have to worry about it.... Because I moved out when I turned 19.

Wooooow you guys and your doors! So interesting!!!

All I have is a sign that says "Don't come in, I'm probably masturbating."

I read your profile hehehe :) For number 31 btw -.-

this really weird cuz my door has a sign that says 'daddy's girl.' *shutters*

Did he look in your eyes and finish like a boss?

bingababe 16

Win for the reference but fail for using the most disgusting one!!

monkeysareyummy 0

Nothing the OP says hints to a relationship.... Maybe the OP is a girlfriend or a friend

10- If I walked in on you "double clicking your mouse", would you look me dead in the eyes and finish like a boss? No? Good, cause I usually don't get embarrassed by much and I'd stare right back. :p I'd also think you had some mental defect. What I'm curious about is why you think they might. Reflecting much? ;P (Yes I'm teasing you somewhat, don't take it personal.). ;p

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

The first thing that came to my mind is "Oh my god you sick ****".(Assuming the OP is the mom) This comment is safe to say it can induce vomiting. In my opinion anyway haha.

Damn I would never me able to finish while looking in YOUR eyes....

First off: just a joke and a referencing comment. Second, no where on here does it say OP was the mom could have been friend, girlfriend or guest. Also, embarrassment is for ******* ladies and gentlemen. (: same way everyone poops; everyone masterbates.

TheEpicMilkMan 13

@111 you're more perverted than the 14 year olds going through puberty, and embarrassment is for *******? just leave, this is fml the place full of embarrassments *facepalm*

When is this over used joke going to get old..?

Bahaha I do not envy you. FYL indeed.