By jenni6488 - 22/02/2012 07:56 - United Kingdom

Today, I called the toaster a "cheeky thing" for being done before the kettle. FML
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Oh you cheeky thing, criticizing your kitchen appliances.

And don't get me started on that rascally blender

like really they make me frozen waffles in the mornin

I had a feeling OP was from the UK 'cause of 'cheeky' and yes i was thinking 'PHYKIK!!!' wen i proved myself right.

After all, it's quite a brave little toaster.

Cheeky-thing? Would some one please explain?

It mean naughty or sneaky more used in the UK.

jerseyboy732 16

am I the only one who doesn't understand this fml?

British terms are the best! Here in America we just sound stupid most of the time.

I'm just saying a hear a lot of stupid stuff everyday :p not everyone speaks stupidly obviously

rosha267 21

That's why I always keep a thesaurus handy

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14- Just because you hear a lot of stupid things everyday, doesn't mean you have the right to lump me and every other American into that category.

We have bad reputation as it is. You are not helping.

I used to talk to the fridge all the time before I realized that I needed something that would talk back to me: my Justin Beiber talking toy. Alas, that was before I strangled it.