By herpmonster - 23/06/2012 16:59 - Italy

Today, I stepped out for some fresh air while I waited for my clothes to dry at the laundromat. Just as I was retrieving my clothes, a disheveled-looking kid staggered over, pushed me aside, and started vomiting his guts out all over my fresh clothes. FML
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Clean them off with his face

ohcoolstorybro 14

Nothing a few washes can't fix


xoxokelsey11 5

I'm sorry.. Maybe he felt bad and washed your clothes again for you?

Idk but I don't think that he did...

..But he vomited his guts all over OP's clothes.

To me it seems like he did it on purpose, maybe it's a sign to get new clothes?

Anai08 17

You know, I get the feeling the kid was way too sick to re-wash laundry. I can't imagine anyone would push a completely stranger out of the way and vomit on their clothing on purpose. He might have been having a real medical emergency. It definitely sucks that your clothes got thrown up on OP, but hopefully the guy was okay at the end of the day too!

robinhood007 9

Hey 52- people can be dicks even when sick. Not saying he was but it's definitely possible.

cropper 0

Well, the kid could have been me from last night. I don't remember it, but my friends said I did it after a good night out. After a hard break up.

Today, I entered the laundromat with the need to throw up. I did so in some nice clothes. The owner then made me wash them for her. FML

How does that make sense?

I feel equally bad for the original poster and the kid that puked. I can't control my puke and I've puked some pretty random places. However, if I ruined someone's possessions, I would offer them money to have it cleaned up. (I'd like to say I would clean it myself but once I start puking, I can't stop. And, no, I don't puke from drinking too much. I have an actuall illness that makes me puke often.)

ohcoolstorybro 14

Nothing a few washes can't fix

OP would have to move clothes covered with someone else's vomit from the dryer to the washer. It's completely unsanitary, and I doubt the kid stuck around long enough to move the clothes himself. Then OP would have to spend several dollars more trying to get the clothes clean again, all while worrying something similar might happen.

citymayer 7

Yeah after a few bucketfuls of stress tears fall..

I hate it when that happens!

^so overused, especially in the rarest circumstances -.-

11-I'm pretty sure they are kdding

The irony...FYL OP. Try not to let it ruin your day.

MindFreakazoid 10

True, but the poor kid must've felt awful if he was throwing up his guts all over OP, F both their L's :P

It was ironic? I didn't even notice....

aleeshttylXD 9

How is it ironic..?

I'm pretty sure every one of your comments that I have read have been buried.... You should take that as a sign.

Clean them off with his face

Cleaning vomity clothes with a vomity child's face wouldn't help much.

shift_love 13

That's not when you clean them. That's when you beat a ************. Shall we say mop his ass up?

Burn the clothes!!!

Burn the child!

I'm sure he didn't mean to.

More like bastardly

ravenh1979 13

All the more reason to save up and get a washer and dryer of ur own, lol

cropper 0

That and large men in a wife beatter and booty shorts.

unknown_user5566 26

I have never heard good things about laundromats. Maybe you should invest in a personal washer/dryer. But, FYL. I hope his vomiting didn't induce sympathy puking from you or other onlookers.

egc573 40

"I have never heard good things about laundromats." Rightly so. I hate doing my laundry there. Even in the winter they somehow manage to be sweltering. But this FML sounds like the laundromat experience from hell. That's just more hours of waiting and folding.

Laundromats are shady places. The people who hang out at the ones I've been to are rather...interesting. And OP sort of made it sound like it was a child who did it. That worries me if it was. Where were the parents?