By herpmonster - Italy
Today, I stepped out for some fresh air while I waited for my clothes to dry at the laundromat. Just as I was retrieving my clothes, a disheveled-looking kid staggered over, pushed me aside, and started vomiting his guts out all over my fresh clothes. FML
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  Anai08  |  17

You know, I get the feeling the kid was way too sick to re-wash laundry. I can't imagine anyone would push a completely stranger out of the way and vomit on their clothing on purpose. He might have been having a real medical emergency. It definitely sucks that your clothes got thrown up on OP, but hopefully the guy was okay at the end of the day too!

  cropper  |  0

Well, the kid could have been me from last night. I don't remember it, but my friends said I did it after a good night out. After a hard break up.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I feel equally bad for the original poster and the kid that puked. I can't control my puke and I've puked some pretty random places. However, if I ruined someone's possessions, I would offer them money to have it cleaned up. (I'd like to say I would clean it myself but once I start puking, I can't stop. And, no, I don't puke from drinking too much. I have an actuall illness that makes me puke often.)

  your_face  |  15

OP would have to move clothes covered with someone else's vomit from the dryer to the washer. It's completely unsanitary, and I doubt the kid stuck around long enough to move the clothes himself. Then OP would have to spend several dollars more trying to get the clothes clean again, all while worrying something similar might happen.

By  kyleekay  |  25

I have never heard good things about laundromats. Maybe you should invest in a personal washer/dryer.

But, FYL. I hope his vomiting didn't induce sympathy puking from you or other onlookers.

  egc573  |  40

"I have never heard good things about laundromats." Rightly so. I hate doing my laundry there. Even in the winter they somehow manage to be sweltering.

But this FML sounds like the laundromat experience from hell. That's just more hours of waiting and folding.

Laundromats are shady places. The people who hang out at the ones I've been to are rather...interesting. And OP sort of made it sound like it was a child who did it. That worries me if it was. Where were the parents?