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Today, after helping run salads and bread to a table, they demanded I do something about the bug problem. I would've been more understanding if they hadn't chosen to sit outside. FML
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Squee I get my follow up badge!! OP here. :D I'm a server at a chain Italian restaurant that is NOT Olive Garden. There were two servers manning our patio with almost 20 tables, and one of those servers also had to come inside and make all of the alcoholic beverages for the entire patio. Me, being a bored inside server and a selfless team player, ran a couple salads out for the guy tending bar. They seemed annoyed when I walked up and complained that they'd asked for bread. I whisked away and brought back twice the amount of bread for a five top (they just looked the part) when the lady said "UGH!" and pointed to a gnat that had flown into her Caesar salad, on the side of the plate she had already cleared. "Oh no!" I exclaim. "That's terrrible, would you like me to take this back and have it remade?" She declined, and that's when she rather nastily said we should REALLY do something about the bugs. I just looked at her and said sorry, we're outside, there's not much I can do about it. I did tell a manager, and he talked to them, but I doubt they were satisfied by his pointing out that we don't have nets and waving his arms at these imaginary nets. :x Anyways, sorry for the novel, I've been waiting for this day far too long. Thank you FML community, and remember, don't forget to tip your server. :D

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I bet that really bugged you..... I'll let myself out.

And this is why I hate working retail/restaurants now, there are far too many stupid people out there who expect you to bend over backwards and do what they want, when you can't. It should have been ducking obvious to the dumb bitch that outside + food = insects...


I bet that really bugged you..... I'll let myself out.

I was going to say that stupid people are everywhere but I think he beat me to it... in his own way.

If you just come back after few minutes and tell them that everything is under control *whisper of nature* then they'll relax.

Excuse me there's bugs outside. Could ya?

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People are crazy sometimes. When I worked in a grocery store I had a costumer complain that we kept our parking lot too the middle of I could actually do something about it

wow. i wonder what would it feel like to be that dumb?

Oh sweet jesus that's worse than my FML.

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Elderly customers say the darndest things haha

If it bugs them that much, tell em to buzz off and dine somewhere else.