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I just don't understand why someone would keep metal cutlery in the microwave instead of taking it out. It can't be laziness since it only takes a second to take it out of the bowl or cup. Who wants to have to deal with a spoon that's so hot it can cause 2nd degree burns?

  zimandme123  |  0

haha that happened to me my mom told me not to put anything metal in the microwave, but I did anyways... the ice-cream was too hard to scoop so I wanted to make the scooper hotter.. I took it out when it started to spark

  hilda_kitty  |  16

You know, I used to be one of those people. Then I discovered YouTube, and "is it a good idea to microwave this?" started on that site. Damn, that was a good show.

By  ooshrooms  |  1

If you actually knew why, then you'd know that it's fine as long as the utensils aren't close to the walls. The energy required to arc is inversely proportional to the distance between conducting objects.


I need to try that!!!
And OP, maybe your mom just doesnt like being told what to do.
I put alunuim (sp) foil in the microwave cause it said not too. Sometimes you just have to rebel!