By peevedemployee - 25/12/2013 06:38 - United States

Today, we got our Christmas bonuses. Instead of money, the company decided to give us all lunch boxes with the company name on them. I went ahead and put my lunch in mine, then put it in the break-room refrigerator. Apparently so did all the other employees. Now I can't find mine. FML
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You should always put your name on your lunch... Office rule #24


Obviously he wasn't the only one who didn't think about the repercussions...

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A jelly of the month club membership.

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You could have put your name on it.

I love you. Also we all watched this movie today! Also **** the OP's boss! What a crock.

Take a guess, and hope it's better than your lunch. If said person sees you eating their lunch all you have to say is, oh this looked exactly like mine.

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Just keep opening until you find yours! Parsley!

You should always put your name on your lunch... Office rule #24

How do you "half kidding", something's is wrong with you?

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take the one with the best lunch x)

A turkey sandwich with a moistmaker? Yum!

Great now an Xibit skit about pimping lunch boxes is rolling around in my head.

"Yo Dawg! We heard you like lunch boxes, so we put a lunch box in yo lunch box, so you can eat when you eating."

Just pick one, they probably won't be able to tell it's gone.

"You... You ate my sandwich? MY SANDWICH?!"

You need to bedazzle your lunchbox like a boss, OP.

The real FML here is getting lunch boxes instead of money.

I was thinking that too and working on Christmas

I would think more people would protest the shitty "bonus" and refuse to use it. Now the company will think it was the ideal thing to give since everyone made uses of it. Next year... Mugs!

You never know, it might have allowed the company to stay in business or to not let someone go.

No, no, #29. The company is never supposed to consider such things. It's an evil business, and they ALWAYS have money, they're just too greedy to EVER give it away. /sarcasm Stupid people always think they're entitled to more...

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I don't really think people believe they are entitled to more, however I do think that a lot of people depend on their bonus for Christmas gifts for their family. I also know that at jobs where I was given a bonus, I loved working there because I was shown appreciation for working my butt off! Also, if they can afford customized lunch boxes, they can afford even a small bonus for their employees.

Like BubbleGrunge already said, many people actually need that money. But there is more to this. You can be sure that company managers know that their employees are hoping for a christmas bonus. And taking into consideration that many thriving companies demand more and more from there employees (millions of hours of unpayed overtime each year, high mobility, crazy work times, ...), the hope to get something extra in return for one time each year is not baseless or too far-fetched I think. And when your company THEN gives you a cheap lunchbox, bought for a couple of cents in China, it actually feels like a slap in the face. Especially when the company managers have no problem to raise their own bonuses each year.

Or they could have at least let people know their bonuses were going to be a pile of bullshit so they didn't rely on the expected cash flow for family events/presents/etc... Not telling them/being upfront is a dick move. Also, lunch boxes is just a slap in the face. I swear if I was expecting a bonus and they unveiled a lunch box, I would just decline and tell them it's just disrespectful to assume that I would appreciate something so mediocre and pathetic and accept it as if it was a decent "bonus"