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Today, I had to profusely apologize to a woman after my six year old son decided to crawl between her legs at the supermarket, then look up her skirt and loudly ask why she didn't have any panties on. FML
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I would have been embarrased for her. 6 years old Is a little too old for that type of thing to happen.

bigdfootball97 24


bigdfootball97 24

At least he looked but did not touch.

They grow up so fast...I sure hope that taught her a lesson...bleach his brain as well

_awwhellnaw_ 45

It's not the woman's fault that OP's son did that.

It is her fault for not wearing panties in public while wearing a skirt

That's not a matter of fault though. It's not a crime to go commando...for all you know it was laundry day.

If she likes to air things out that's her decision.

XBurytheCastleX 25

You're the type of asshole that blames the women for what they wear, aren't you?

ACTUALLY it is op's fault for letting her child do that. parents these days are afraid to disipline their children and just let them do whatever they want. op never should have let their six year old crawl on the floor to begin with, let alone crawl through someones legs

I'm sure you don't want to know about this, assuming you're a male, but some women need to air it out if their gynaecologist reccomends it due to an infection , etc. All in all, not her fault, just kids being loud and nosy

I would have been embarrased for her. 6 years old Is a little too old for that type of thing to happen.

You don't sound like you've looked after many six year olds. If they want to get up to mischief, they will. Six year olds aren't exactly good at judgement.

I actually have kids. The child does what the parent allows. Its not the kids fault in this situation it's the parents. There's no way the child should even be running around,let alone CRAWLING all over the supermarket. I'm not saying put him on a leash I'm saying gain control. Not all 6 year Olds are out of control. Do you have kids?

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I have kids too and I can say right now, they are fully aware of how damned rude it is to crawl around in public and to look inside a persons clothing

I know right? Do it at 6amd people say "Oh, how embarrassing!" Do it at 16 and people you're a pervert! : /

RedPillSucks 31

do it at 45 and your ass is in jail.

That will be a family story for the ages

i think what #7 meant was to hire the kid to look under women's skirts and tell him if they are wearing panties or not

And this, ladies and gentleman, is an excellent example of a joke going wrong...

He has an eye for detail at a young age. You have raised him well so far.

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And what exactly are you supposed to teach her? That she's not allowed to wear what she wants and she should do exactly what society asks of her?

75# No, OP is a he, the woman is still a woman

#75, #21 is referring to the lady, not the kid And 80, OP is a she, the kid is a he. Damn this stuff must be complicated for you guys

I am saying that when wearing a dress or skirt your ass shouldn't be bare. Im all for "to each their own" but maybe by the kids reaction, they'll wear some kind of underwear. I personally find it gross to go commando, but that's me. And yes, that IS a teaching moment for the kid because you teach him not to crawl under people, how to ask questions subtly and to mind his own. Then again, I believe in modesty and manners, so bring on the down votes if you disagree.

#94 it's fine to have your own opinion. It's not fine to say she has been taught a lesson, as such, because OP didn't watch their child. (Or perhaps the child is real bad apple, which needs to be addressed.) if you don't want to go commando, don't. The women clearly did, so let her be. Jesus...

I see your point. We all are raised differently and have different point of views and thats ok. I was always told that a lady wears underwear when wearing a skirt or dress so that her bottom doesn't show (goes the same with keeping your legs together when in a skirt and out in public). I would be embarrassed too if it was my kid and apologize, but it really is something to teach your kid not to do. He is 6- Thats old enough to know better than crawl under people's legs. I am not messing with the lady. I wasn't really concerned with the lady not wearing panties as much as the kid looking up into her skirt. I'm not arguing either, simply having a discussion ;)