By WoofWoof - 27/09/2020 14:01 - Pakistan - Islamabad

Today, I had to explain to my girlfriend that getting on all fours and barking at my penis for fun in the center of a mall is extremely inappropriate. She thinks otherwise, and promises to do it again. FML
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mickymoose1 15

maybe limit seeing her to non public areas until she matures.....

HokieJ 10

you are supposed to meow at a kitty!


mickymoose1 15

maybe limit seeing her to non public areas until she matures.....

Ha! You have a brat on your hands. look into BDSM, abd look up definitions of "brat" in that context.

Brats understand consent and they the behavior should be at home or in private. Sure there’s some stuff that’s okay in public but that ***** not. This lady is NOT someone you want representing BDSM and such.

I agree about consent. Tgats why I recommend ded he look into it and present the idea to her.

p.s.- she knows its inappropriate behavior, and thinks it's fun and funny (and honestl, its friggin hilarious). Maybe promise to "punish" her if she does it again....going back to the BDSM thing. I honestly wonder if she might be into that if presented with it.

Yep, I agree with the BDSM thing. If you could keep a rolled up newspaper with you at all times during mall visits (like a good owner would), you could spank her ass for being a bad doggie right there and then. Then get ready to have your world rocked...

I hadn't even thought of that part!!! Nice! Thats something my Sir would do!

Also, you should get her a butt- plug with a tail on it.

Love mine. it's a fox tail. But it's not worn in public.

Then, just give the dog a bone! After you both get out of jail, she'll get the point!

Turn the tables. Bark at her vag in front of her parents.

HokieJ 10

you are supposed to meow at a kitty!

HokieJ 10

Is she into some crazy shit in the bedroom? Ruff ruff!

How about ex girlfriend? Because she’s breaking consent rules for you and for everyone around. It’s just not signs of a healthy relationship or safe person to be with.

Well, maybe she doesn't know about that stuff yet and she just knows she has some deep urges to fulfill and she doesn't know how to breach the subject with OP in any other way. I also am not in favour of public, unconsented plays, btw, but we are not all FetLife veterans, sadly. Also, I notice that OP is from Islamabad so who knows what level of communication exists in this dynamic.

Maybe you’re right about the not knowing it needs consent, but do you really think someone who is completely unaware would actively respond with they’d do it again? Would try it out in public FIRST? I mean, that’s just simple consent and appropriate time knowledge. She didn’t even have the decency to feel bad for upsetting him in any way.

Yes, I do agree that, once she was informed about how embarrassing this is to OP she should have at least apologized or explained why she did it. I was initially thinking exhibitionist. It looks like some kind of attention seeking behavior or, at the very least, immaturity. Dunno, OP, have you been stingy with the attention lately?

bl3ur0z3 17

She can't if you don't go out with her anymore.

DoctorPALO 14

I do not think this is BDSM-related AT ALL. That behavior is childish and immature, not "bratty." Goodness, even an idiot would know to keep that in the bedroom or at least at home.