By Anonymous - 15/05/2013 06:43 - United States

Today, my boyfriend yelled at me. Apparently I'm not the "classy girl" he thought I was, and he's not comfortable "doing such vile things in public." I had tried to hold his hand. FML
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I think it's time to find a man and not a boy.

How is holding hands vile? He seems like an immature douche bag, or an overly conservative religious nut. Find someone who will want to hold your hand all the time :3


I think it's time to find a man and not a boy.

He just didn't want to get "cooties." Cooties are on the rise and your boy friend is just being careful.

Yea I remember the time my first boyfriend told me the same thing.... in grade 5.

Hand holding is one of the lewdest acts.

if I was your manfriend, I'd never let you go

I feel like there might be something missing from the last part of the fml. "I had tried to hold his hand but i grabbed his dick instead."

Love your pic - 54!!

There are plenty of cultures in which hand holding isn't such a good idea, it has a lot to do with class and proper etiquette, don't hate on the guy who finds it indecent.

Have you guys ever been intimate at all? I mean, the guy can't hold your hand!

Well, this one time their feet brushed under the table. His heart went all aflutter...

No, no, no, 26! You've got it all wrong! It all started when he was trying to stretch out a cramp and brushed OP's foot.

How is holding hands vile? He seems like an immature douche bag, or an overly conservative religious nut. Find someone who will want to hold your hand all the time :3

Even an overly conservative religious nut would hold someone's hand. I think OP's boyfriend is just an immature baby.

Holding hands is cute

not to him it wasn't

23 Dat is exactly wat it is

I'm sorry but could you like, go back to school please?

Or it could be due to his culture, even though it states US, he could be from somewhere else. My brother dated a girl in American Samoa and he couldn't hold her hand unless a chaperone was present but she was swimming topless with him.

Your post confuses the hell out of me....

The point is that different cultures view things differently.

You can't tell me that you looked at the last portion of your previous post, and were like "Yes! This is good! This is ready to be sent!"...

61, I had to thumb you down for including the word "like" in your comment while ripping on another's use of language.

It was just stating an example of different cultures viewing things differently. Exposed breasts at the beach was normal and expected, not taboo. But the intimacy of holding hands in the early stages of dating required a chaperone. Confusing? It certainly was to my brother. But he had to respect their wishes since he was a visitor.

Yes #82, my use of "like" was much worse than #52's entire post. Thank you for your logic, I shall now file that in the trash

#24, I brought my boyfriend to youth group with me shortly after we got together, and we were disciplined for holding hands. They expected us to act like we didn't know each other. Needless to say, we never went back. Some overly conservative religious nuts really are like that ... :/

Ambient25, people have shitty comments sometimes. You have shitty comments sometimes. Get off your high horse and like, get over it.

Many cultures are not keen on PDA (Public Displays of Affection). Hand holding, a slight peck, or walking too close together tend to be forbidden. It's not always about religion.

That's not worth yelling about

Anyone notice it says "yelled me at me."?

Some people just take the whole "PDA" thing way too far -_-

My friend got yelled at for hugging her boyfriend's arm at school today. PDA can be taken too seriously in some cases.

Yes, and yelling at a girl is classy???? Your boyfriend is a tool.

I was gonna say Sheldon Cooper but then I saw it was already mentioned

Hand holding. You hussy.

I'm not surprised he got so angry... I wait until marriage before I even go on my first date with my wife.

That must work well for you...

I gotta hand it to you putting up with it

Either he has some serious issues or he's just plain stupid/insane. Unless you're okay with this kind of relationship, it would make sense to find someone else.

I'd say being insane was a pretty serious issue