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By RBergman - 25/04/2015 20:05 - United States - Basin

Today, I had to arrest my own boyfriend for having sex in public. FML
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Not only did you dodge a bullet but you got to arrest the cheating bastard yourself :)


No no no . First conjugal visit sex and then fugitive sex before you break up. Jeeze what are you taught in school these days .

JMichael 25

If he's not then OP would be an idiot

Nah, the OP just pulled a bait and switch on him.

iLOVEbbs78138 3

Exactly what I was thinking #1.

Yes, but if she would have written "ex boyfriend" then we weren't gonna think it was her boyfriend in that moment

He should know better than to mess with an officer!

I don't think it was like "hey officer, I am going to **** that girl right here at the park. what 'ya gonna do?" Cops have some private life, too.

I think 3 means he should've known better than to cheat on someone who owns a gun. ;)

That didn't stop one of my ex's, 76.

Badkarma4u 17

Apparently the problem was that he was messing with someone OTHER than an officer.

I wanna know more but I kinda don't...hell with it tell the rest

Not only did you dodge a bullet but you got to arrest the cheating bastard yourself :)

My thoughts exactly. It would be my PLEASURE to arrest the fucktard.

I would be more in a shock because I assume OP was called on duty or found them messing around. I think it will please OP in sone days when she thinks back.

Those were my thoughts too. Although at the time op was probably too stunned & hurt to enjoy the moment. Op, relish in the thought that you got to do what many people who have been cheated on would love to do! Hope you banged his head on the way in the car.

What if her boyfriend was trying to have sex with her and she realized they were in public

xluciferx666 21

That would be very awkward I imagine on the plus side you get the last laugh even though it's bittersweet

Sorry that you had to go through that, OP. Atleast you got to arrest him for it.

I'm guessing he was doing it with someone else?

Why can't you delete comments on FML?

Because if you **** up, the FML staff makes sure you never live it down. Great observation, BTW.

Is there a better way to get revenge than to arrest his ass?

Cut his dick off and don't get caught?

blackbeltpsycho 16

Telling the officers in booking to do a full cavity search?

that sounds like hoping he would get raped - and no one deserves that, even if he cheated.

Badkarma4u 17

Hes not going to prison. He'll just pay a fine, if that. Come on. Snap back to reality.