By L'hommeCultivé - China - Beijing
Today, I was visiting a magnificent Taoïst Temple in China all while eating an apple. After few galleries, I got to the giant statue in the center of the temple where people were praying. I saw a trash can so I threw my apple away. When I saw everyone giving me the death stare, I figured out that it was the donations box. FML
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  JayGatsby  |  25

I don't know about temples in China, but in Hindu temples they serve food in the temple. They also give you fruits and you have to eat that otherwise it's considered bad luck. Again, not sure how it is in Chinese temples, but just putting the possibility out there.

By  band_geek  |  18

1 - You should've at least had put the apples cut up in slices and in a Ziploc bag or something alike, or at least be more respectful than to eat it as a whole in the temple. The entire fruits in a Ziploc bag thing was what even the people back in my home country did when I went to visit even palaces from ancient times when one of my cousins last time I was in Korea.

2 - You were at a temple. Why would you assume anything and everything that looks like a trash can is one? Considering how big Asia is with things like monks depending on the area, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that they would have donation boxes. You should've checked to make sure it wasn't a trash can before you through your apple away.

By  MariaGiovanni  |  25

you ate a loud crunchy apple in the temple? seriously? even a quiet snack would be rude to walk around around freaking temple! you couldn't wait or take a snack break outside. the fml isn't even the trash can thing. the fml is you're oblivious to common courtesy.

  MariaGiovanni  |  25

no. it doesn't matter. people go to temples for private reasons and you shouldn't be noisy or distracting. obviously if it's a situation like a festival or something then that's not what I'm talking about but it doesn't seem like it was a festive temple. Respect other guests in public areas especially personal areas such as temples or other religious locations. common sense. sit down and have and snack and pay attention to your surroundings.