By aisbash - 01/09/2013 19:35 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I was waitressing at work, when a woman decided to change her baby's nappy on a table. One moment I was asking her to leave, and the next, she was shoving a fully shat-out nappy into my hands. She asked me to get rid of it and fetch her baby wipes. FML
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Eliseopwns 22

Some parents really don't know their responsibilities and manners.

addioty 19

Disgusting. Not to mention down right rude.


Eliseopwns 22

Some parents really don't know their responsibilities and manners.

alexwow1 13

This would be a great story to tell the child when older

TheCaramelKing 11

Wishing e-coli on someone is a bit harsh.

That must be the same lady that changed her sons diaper at the restaurant I work in while telling the gay servers to go away, the black servers to serve her but wouldn't trust them to handle her card so she asked for a white server to swipe her card. True story

southernbelle_rn 16

As a mom, it's very, very frustrating when places don't have changing tables and I'm forced to sit on a disgusting toilet and change my baby in my lap with her changing pad. Usually I ask the waitress if there is a changing table. If there isn't one, I ask them to suggest it to their manager as a big help to customers. I would never do what this mom did. She should be ashamed of her actions!!

addioty 19

Disgusting. Not to mention down right rude.

Yeah, who changes a dirty diaper (poo or pee) in the middle of a restaurant!? Go out to your car if there isn't a baby changer in the bathroom or you don't feel like using it, but not on a table around other people eating!!!

You'd be surprised. Once, when I was young, my mother cut my nails in a restaurant

32, that story was so cool, bro. Too bad no one cares

You'd be surprised. When I was a server at a restaurant 20-some years ago, I would see used diapers on the tables ALL the time. It pissed me off having to throw them away and then work extra hard to scrub the table clean. One one cross-country flight a few years ago, some horrible family behind us changed their sprog's diaper in the seats. And a couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I were eating at a restaurant that has a banquette seating with individual tables, and some selfish wench was changing her kid's diaper right next to where we were eating. The place has a single-stall restroom for which you need to get a key, but still, suck it up and wait a couple of minutes.

Hon, that's only just as bad as the skin cells that float around in our air. It's nothing compared to fecal matter.

fooltemptress 36

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that! I have never understood why some parents don't understand how nasty and unhygienic that is.

subiedude08 17

I've had similar situations working in the food business that's why I'll never work in the food business again Customs are rude and don't have respect a lot of the time

fooltemptress 36

Especially considering most restaurants have a baby changing station in the bathroom these days. There is no reason to change a baby on the table. Whenever I go out to eat, I'm always nice to my server. I know they put up with a lot of rudeness. I can't blame you for not wanting to work in that field anymore.

"Ma'am, please don't do that." "Aww, thanks! But a warning, he smells like Satan on a fireroast."

She sure is educated. I would've left right when she started changing that child. What did you do after that tho ???

Have you ever had a job? You can't walk out in the middle of a shift, especially over something like that (as gross as it is).

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I don't care what type of job I have, I am not in charge of any babies' dirty ******* shit cloth. I wouldn't of let her hand that to me, and I sure as hell wouldn't throw it out for her. That's disgusting. It's one thing for it to be your own child, but some one else's? She's a waitress, she handles food for people, not picking up after some trashy mom who doesn't have decency to do that in private.

Well I've found that most people these days should be fixed before they can breed. Don't understand how parents just can't figure out how to be parents. Smh

CynePhoba 23

I understand that these things need to be done, but there are places for them. Not in a food area.

Yeah, like the bathroom. Most restaurants have changing tables.

CynePhoba 23

Thats what I was thinking. Or if they don't for some reason ask if there is somewhere private... not on a table in the middle of the place.

EpicPie 3

Some people show no respect for others.

I'm always amazed by where I find dirty diapers at my work. I'm a bartender.

Those are probably worn by your lazy bar guests. Beer does make them pee a lot. (:

Wow 8, that is disgusting!! Dirty diapers at a bar where people eat and drink?!? That's just sick!!

If you work strictly a bar that doesn't serve food also, there shouldn't be any babies I'm there anyways.

Some parents think they should be able to take their kids anywhere and nonparents and parents who have sense to know there are places for children and places for adults have to just suck it up.

I hope you told her that her behavior was unacceptable, not to mention unsanitary.

Why yes, yes she did. The woman then started crying and apologizing and swore to never do that again because of how touched by OP's words she was.

alexwow1 13

Did you call security or took her out yourself

I don't know of any restaurants that have any security on the premises and the security company they go through will only come if the alarm is going off. Management is supposed to protect the staff and if the guest isn't complying you may then call the police.